Reflections on Communication

Communication: Self-expression and Understanding

Communication is an act or process of self-expression and interaction among individuals with a common understanding. By communicating, we can show who we truly are and express our feelings towards a person. We get to interact with people and develop our social life.

We communicate in different ways that each of us understand and use in our daily lives to express ourselves, but sometimes we get the wrong information about what is being done by a person. Communication can be threatening at times especially when there is no understanding between people. The other person may not express himself or communicate with the other but the other person thinks the other way around.

I have this friend named Betty who told me that there’s this guy in their class (let’s call him Rob) who kept on looking at her. She got so curious and hypothesized that he liked her. Because she also found him cute, she decided to make the first move and texted Rob. Rob replied and for several nights after school, they text each other. Being the girl who gets overwhelmed easily, Betty got infatuated with him. It wasn’t until one night when Rob told her that he liked someone in their class That she knew the truth. Betty was ready and she was really expecting that Rob would say it was her but unfortunately, it was another girl in class who was less attractive than her (which made her more disappointed). She shared her feelings and experience with our barkada and most of our reactions were “Da! Pamati man gud ka!” (We were never a serious bunch).

It was a good thing that Betty shared with us her experience and feelings about the situation. Her communication with us (her true friends) made her feel better even though some of us thought that she must really investigate her problem on why Rob was always looking at her before she concluded that Rob liked her. There are a lot of people who experience the same thing Betty did. If I were her, I think the same hypothesis would come to mind. It just depends on how you play with it, or really solve the curiosity problem.

Still, Betty wondered about Rob’s stares. Well, it is only he who knows. If she dared to ask him about it, she would be able to understand what he meant or if those stares really meant something. Betty can also tell him that she fell for him because of those stares that she thought meant something. Communication can ease the wonder and a bit of the pain that Betty is feeling.

Communication needs open-mindedness and listening in order for things to work. At times, we can misinterpret others by their languages or the way they express themselves, but if we really make sure if what we think is true or not, then there would be no problem.

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