My High School Textmate

I have to admit that at some point in my high school life (especially in my first year high school), I had several textmates from different regions here in our country, but all of them lasted only for months.hehe I also had my txt-bf who was from Zamboanga (hehehe kauwaw pud ani ishare; at least isa rajud akong na-uyab through text). Anyway, that relationship didn’t work out because we were too far, we were still kids, and he wasn’t using his own cellphone, but his mom’s.

Well, I am proud to say that I am already a graduate of that. I graduated in Second year highs school. I think I just got tired of texting. I still received several textmate requests but I only answered a few of them. I still created friendships with those textmate requests that I approve, but they only lasted for days. I was already turning into a bore. I don’t know why I wasn’t boring to my textmates in first year high school. I don’t know what I did. I mean, I don’t know the person personally, and I don’t even get to see him/her.

In second year high school, there was this guy named Yves who asked me to be his textmate. I wasn’t busy that time so I replied to him. He was just a year older and he studied in the sort-of the rival school of my school (SMAD), so I thought he came from a good family, but still, I was a bore and thought that I was just wasting my load because I know our freindship will just end like my past textmates.

In the next days, I stopped replying, but he kept on texting me and sending me quotes, so one day, I decided to just reply to him and see if we had things in common. I asked him what music does he listen to. He told me he listens to Taking Back Sunday, Finch, The Used,etc and he told me that maybe I don’t know those bands, but I did know those bands. Those were the bands I also listened to in Second year high. We talked more and more about music and decided to exchange cds and meet up on the day of Davao’s premiere indie gig that both of us we’re dying to go to.

The meeting was great. He was very friendly. We got to exchange cds and really went together on the gig. After that, we still texted each other. Although we only see each other sometimes, he takes time to call me up almost everyday. We would chat about our music, and I was surprised that we talked not anly about music, but also about everything under the sun. He shared to me his prom night, his crushes, his studies, etc. I was happy about it because I really want this guy to be one of my boy buds. Our friendship developed and until now, we are very good friends. He is one of my bandmates, my parents already know him (except for the fact that we only met through text), and he was also included in my 18 roses.

It is hard to create a higher intimacy relationship without a face-to-face conversation with a person, but as other people’s experiences show that they can create intimacy even if they never met, and for some, when they meet, that is the time when they lose the intimacy they had before they met. In my opinion, it really depends on the person, and the situation they are in. As for me and Yves, music became a tool for our friendship. As what I said, we became closer and shared a lot of things in common- beyond our music.

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