from Paolo…

just got home from rizal prom.

first thing, we didn’t win.

–congratulations to the “guess who” band.

anyway, it was fun. reallyyy fun. punong puno ng tao ang prom. puno ng mga barkada ng other bands. lol

cristin reyes is sooooooooo hooooot!! fhm cover girl was there to sing and help globe out. she gave away 2 FHM’s with her as the cover girl. *drool* lol

i met this guy, maui, lead guitarist of “collision” aaand, people kept saying kamukha ko raw. so i called him “kuya” it was really funny btw, we had almost the same guitars. i had the GRG270DX with me, and he had his GRG270. lol


baby’s breath – they had an acoustic guitar player, a lead guitarist, the vocalist-bassist girl who played with the big shoes and short skirt (lol), and the popular drum sessionist craig. they were really good. i loved their music. they played the song big girls dont cry. it was real sweet btw. πŸ™‚

guess who – 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 bamboo. champion. bamboo impersonators. lol. all their covers were from bamboo. lol they played englishman in newyork too, which was reaally cool πŸ™‚

collision – band ni “kuya” maui. lol. i loved their music. they were playing 90’s alternative songs. they were amazing. kagaling gud nila. kung di kami manalo, papayag lang ako na sila ang mananalo, but eventually, boo. haha i loved their compo too. it was waaay better than “guess who”‘s. it was like, uhm, i dunno, same as bamboo’s genre? i dunno. basta galing talaga nila. πŸ™‚

bananaccino – nepc, jerk, the amazing chuck, satriani impersonator, paeng, and me πŸ™‚ i really didn’t know kung ok aming tugtog. my monitor was fucked up. i didn’t hear anything from there. so i really wasn’t able to capture how we played. nagasa lang ako sa amps and the main speakers on wat part na. oh yeah, paeng didn’t bring a dist pedal tapos sira pala raw ang distortion ng amp niya, ok gud un sa soundcheck. i dont know why. tsk3 lol

i moved around so much during the gig. parang kami lang ni nepc and chuck may buhay ba. paeng didnt feel like moving dahil lagi daw niya mafeel without the distortion. lol tapos si jerk, i dunno. he’s just stiff, pero he moved a bit din gud. lol

i was amazed bout myself, really. even the bassist of collision told me that i have potential. (btw, the guys from collision are old, like 24 or sumthing) he told me to keep my head up. dami pa raw mga chances and all. then maui told me that even if we didn’t win, atleast we had fun.

overall, it was an amazing 2nd gig of bananaccino, and our first gig with chuck.
sunday morning – no doubt
zombie – the cranberries
hiling – paramita
buelo – bananaccino

ayos man. lingaw man. lugi lang talaga kami masyado kasi no one was cheering. la kaming mga barkada dun eh. konti lang, all i had was michael, allen, bernie, james and maii2 <3

it was an amazing gig. ganda ng experience. galing. magaling.

lastly, i would like to thank our number 1 fan, francis regalado for filming the gig. love you roadie. lol

God bless us all!

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