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What made me smile the moment after all the default programs of this computer were all loaded are the two offline messages I got from two of my gay friends. Both of them sent me Chrismas greetings and said that they’re on vacation. What a coincidence (?)

Anyway, in the post I created hours ago, I forgot to tell you another objective of my blogging again. The first objective was to make blogging a habit, so that I’ll be able to cope up with the major I am going to take up in Communication Arts, Media Arts which requires a lot of writing. The second one is to be able to type efficiently and accurately with the right fingers pointed on the letters on the keyboard. Recently, I have seen movies where some characters are writers and they type well. I envied those actors.

As promised, I am going to share about what Kre of Plastic Butter just sent me: 3 of his compositions to be finished by your honor. I’m almost done with the 2 songs and I’m hoping that Kre would be satisfied. My favorite is the third one. I think it’s the hippiest among the three. When you get to hear all the compositions Kre did, you’ll easily recognize his main influence: Pedicab.

The vocals which I invented on his compositions were unconsciously Pedicabish, although I try to make it Bikini Killy or Le tigrish since the main plan is to have a riot grrl slash electronica band here in Davao, although we’re open to something like the Cibo Matto, Sneaker Pimps or CSS. Heck we’re so ambitious. Hehe. This has been my dream and slowly, it’s coming true. I hope this will really work out well.

At this very moment, I am sleepy. I have slumbered for 8 hours, but of course, sleeping in the day is far different when sleeping at night. There was a party here at my parents’ crib last night. It lasted until dawn and since we still have no house helper, I was assigned to do some of the chores, although I kinda’ gave up in the end because I have been standing for almost 9 hours because of preparing some of the food and being the singer for their dancing.

I had a hell of a good time. We also exchanged gifts. I wasn’t really disappointed with what I received although I wasn’t that happy either. I received a cute bag. It was so cute that it could be a bag for kids, or so my family and I thought that it was really intended for Barbie-collecting little girls. If I show it to you, you would agree since its colors are really those of the Barbie products. I asked them if it was ok if I use it and they all said yes. They told me that it fits my personality. I still don’t know how to react on that.

A while ago, at 3:30, I watched Jack TV’s Laffapalooza Special fot the second time around since I’m really currently addicted to Victor Michael Patricio Anastacio. Whew! I even memorize his whole name! While attending mass at 5pm, he was all over my mind instead of God. Oh I’m very sorry God. I better make it up to you next time.

I don’t really know “The Victor”. It’s just that I really love his humor and the way he looked. No, No, he is never “pogi”, but I’m really attracted to him. If you wanna see him, check the music video of Hansom out on youtube (

He’s the main character in the video. The band actually got him to act maybe because he’s the one that was fit to the message of the song. It’s really hilarious. Oh well, that’s only the things I know about the Victor. I hope to be able to date him in the future. Hahar.

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