Just Updated to MacOS High Sierra: My First Impressions

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I just upgraded my macOS to High Sierra! I updated as soon as my MacBook prompted me to do so. The update was rather slow, compared to previous updates. I didn’t really expect anything grand, despite the delayed update. If I’m not mistaken, it took almost 2 hours or even more.

I will be sharing with you my initial insights or first impressions on the update. This is actually the most exciting update I’ve had so far. At last! They didn’t actually shortchange us on this, in my opinion. So, here it goes:

1. In-house Photo Editor

On with the photos. I have yet to try these out (as with the rest of the updates), but I guess High Sierra takes a big leap here. If you’re not really a pro photographer or image editor like me, I think this we might have just found the Holy Grail! My first impression (which doesn’t always last) is that it might actually be at par with the paid and soon-to-be-subscribed photo-editing apps out there. It has white balance, fine-tuning, retouch, noise reduction, etc. For my more in-depth review, I’ll make Jimu compare it with Adobe Photoshop.

2. Photo Organization

This is the feature where I kept wondering why Apple has denied us–until now. I’ve always thought how selfish they are to lessen the east of using the “Photos” app. Hence, I never used this. I just organize my photos in my files. I also have always had a hard time automatically sharing my photos or videos to Facebook or Youtube. Good thing, this new update enables the user to instantly drag a photo to any album (where have you been all my life?!).

3. Disabled Autoplay on Safari

We’re now gearing towards what I consider Mac’s revolutionary updates. First is disabling autoplay. I know you’ve been through this debauchery when googling song lyrics and suddenly hearing music or celebrity interviews you didn’t actually ask for, or maybe when visiting a porn site, some girl suddenly moans (and what if you were just sneaking and you got busted because of this autoplay thing). I know you feel me, guys, so I’m really thankful for this feature. For those of you who still want to hear surprise sounds, you can set it so.

4. Browse Without Being Tracked on Safari

Another revolution! I’m really amazed by this. It makes me sound like a hypocrite because I too, am a marketer and seller, but doesn’t this really make you happy guys?! Google has completely changed the advertising and marketing world with their ad tracking system, and while it helps a lot of businesses, it is just really unfair on consumers as you continuously get hypnotized into buying stuff, whether your budget permits it or not, or if you need it or not.

I know that the feature isn’t entirely for the users. It’s a form of combat against Apple’s competitors, especially Google. While it’s somehow a bit of a loss to Google Ads investors and to Google itself, they need not worry because Safari still is not the most popular web browser–except if people get encouraged to switch to Safari and Apple. Haha!

5. Work on Files Together on iCloud Drive

While this is one feature I cannot enjoy (I’m the only Macbook user in my work environment and family), I’m happy that they thought about this. It’s a huge help to startups.

6. Pinning a Note

Another favorite new feature! We won’t need to scroll down from afar just to be able to edit or check out personal notes. I have already utilized this feature as soon as I was made aware of it.

7. Flight Update on Spotlight

Another favorite of mine! I can’t wait to utilize this feature in early December on the arrival of my love. I’d be updated on his airplane’s whereabouts, so I’d be able to estimate his arrival time, without having to wait too long or make him wait upon his arrival.

8. Take Live Photos During a Facetime Call

Much like the Facebook Messenger feature when making video calls, this might’ve been a popular wish of Facetime users.

9. Better View and Editing/Writing on Icloud Mail

A basic update, but quite helpful. While what I’ll rant about is out of topic, I’m still really dismayed how Icloud mail can’t be used on Android phones. C’ mon Apple. You won’t get broke or lose customers because of that. Well, I guess there will be a bit of a threat to your business as it won’t lessen the chances of Apple users switching to another OS, but c’ mon, it’s a necessary feature! Can you just please be generous to your customers who are using both operating systems??! I had to change all my essential email accounts and switch them to Gmail because of this.

10. Storage Sharing for Families

Another one I can’t utilize, but it makes me happy that families can save up on the expensive Icloud storage.

There you have it guys, my first impressions of the macOS High Sierra update. I’ll try out each new feature (except for the ones impossible for me, like the Icloud sharing) and review them on my future post. Again, this is Apple’s most generous update so far as I’ve been a Macbook user. There are a lot of great features that I didn’t anticipate. Could it be Apple’s advance Christmas gift to us?

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For more info about macOS High Sierra’s update, go here.

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