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My Herb and Butter-basted Steak

My Herb and Butter-basted Steak

Here are the recipe and instructions on how to make my herb and butter steak (for this, I used beef, but you may also apply it to pork).

The ingredients you’ll need:
1. Butter
2. Olive Oil
4. Thyme
5. Salt
6. Pepper
7. Rosemary

1. I actually had to boil the beef because my family wants it well done. You may also cook the steak medium-rare. Just make sure you rid the steak of moisture using a paper towel or any cloth before you put it in the pan.

2. Season the beef/pork with salt and pepper.
3. Put enough Olive Oil in the pan, then the beef/pork and butter right after.

4. While cooking, slip in the thyme and rosemary into the pan. There’s no limit to how much olive oil, butter, thyme, and rosemary you put. In my case, I prefer putting a lot of it so that more flavor may seep into the steak.

5. I would like to promote this locally-made tuna spread. You can buy it at Padre Ninnos Gourmet in Buda, Davao City. We shopped a lot of their sauces and spreads like their specialty, own ketchup, homemade tomato sauce, pesto sauce, and this tuna spread. It was their founder, Fr. Franco Uras, who taught me how to use each of the appetizers we bought. He recommended to spread this tuna over to the steak while cooking. It sure helped with the flavor.

That’s it. Done. You may add any side veggies you like. I always prefer mixed vegetables sauteed in butter.
Thank you. For more questions, just comment below. 🙂

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