The Grilled Pieces are Back at Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant

I’m doing it again. Even though I promised myself that I won’t be super sell out as a blogger, I decided to sell out on Food and Cooking to support local brands, and c’mon, who doesn’t like to eat? I’m going to Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant.

This time I’m promoting Bigby’s “The Grill is Back” campaign which was held last Friday, September 14, at SM City Davao, Ecoland. Bigby’s Restaurant has been one of my family’s favorite restaurants, especially when I was still in college. I even celebrated my 19th birthday there. I just love their food, especially their bestsellers.

After 2010, I think Bigby’s became more mainstream to cater to millennials, so they offered more affordable meal sets. I actually tried one of their meal sets with my BFF. I think that set was just around P500+, good for two people, and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with it. I thought I would never taste the same Bigby’s again.

However, upon seeing the Davao Bloggers’ invitation to try Bigby’s food once again, I signed up to give one of my favorite restaurants a chance. According to their franchisee manager Miggy Zurita, they are really bringing back their grilled classics and all-time favorites of their customers.

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Snacks / Appetizers:

Quesadilla (Pan-grilled tortillas with garlic and cheese stuffing)
Senyora Sisig Quesadillas

Main courses:

Rock-a-Bye Baby (Finger-licking goodness of premium cut, smoky, barbecued ribs)
Mojo Chicken Q (their version of the chicken barbecue trouble-free. Smothered with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce)
Grilled Rodeo Chops (Specially marinated pork chops grilled nice and easy, served with rice and your choice of cranberry sauce or pan gravy
Awesome Salmon
Boomerang Shrimp (Skewered Shrimp Kebabs)

Combos and Platters:

Belly Buster (The ultimate combo of our famous barbecued Baby back ribs, grilled Rodeo chops, and smoky pork belly)
Fisherman’s Platter (One hefty portion of tortilla-crusted golden fish fillet, squiggly rings, and two sticks of fire-grilled Boomerang Shrimps)

True to their word, Bigby’s really brought back all the food that made them charming to us in the first place. These grilled pieces are really delicious and are worth your bucks. Their fried offerings are crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. My favorite, Baby Back Ribs, is also very tender. Their sauces are also to kill for, as usual!

You can visit Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant anytime at their 2 branches in Davao City: SM Ecoland and Abreeza Mall.

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