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Ligo Sardines #LigoLami Davao Invasion

Ligo Sardines #LigoLami Davao Invasion

When we speak or hear of Ligo, we all know, whether we’re from Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, that it’s a sardines brand. However, I found out during the Ligo Sardines #LigoLami Davao City campaign that Ligo falls behind the Visayas and Mindanao market. Hence, they stepped up their marketing to cater to people from the two regions.

Earlier this year, Ligo Sardines released the commercial, “Makahigugma Nga Lami” featuring Tom Rodriguez. Through Ligo’s new generation of leaders and the advertisers they tapped, the said commercial has garnered several views and shares on social media. The song sung by Tom Rodriguez is now one of the most popular commercial songs to date.

I attended the #Ligolami Davao campaign and met the people behind the brand, the Tung brothers, as well as their fun-loving endorser Tom Rodriguez to share with me and the Davao bloggers about the history of the brand and its future.

Ligo Sardines #LigoLami Davao Invasion
The Tung brothers of Ligo with Tom Rodriguez after their brand presentation

The event was fun-filled, especially with the presence of Ligo’s resident endorser, Tom Rodriguez. His witty remarks and his non-weariness of singing the Ligo song all over again gave light to the entire room. He was such a delight to everyone!

Ligo Sardines #LigoLami Davao Invasion: Tom Rodriguez
My photo-op with the charming and fun-loving Tom Rodriguez, who, surprisingly is Waray-Bisaya like me. Haha

The event will not be complete without food! They served us international meals infused with ligo sardines that were made by chef Pauline Benedicto of Rekado Davao.

My favorite meal! I’m not sure what it’s called but I think it’s Ligo sardines skillet with mozzarella cheese and egg. I’ll try cooking this at home!
On the left is like an Odong-inspired lemon basil pasta with ligo sardines, and on the right is just simple fish fillet in ligo sardines sauce.

Ligo’s new wave of talents, the Tung brothers, are quite impressive heirs to the company as they are very hands-on. Being millennials themselves, one can see their creativity and inventiveness. They gave us a sneak peek to their upcoming release, the first of its kind: the sriracha sardines. Sounds very millennial and hip, right? I’m so stoked about it!

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Tom and the Tung brothers with our resident blogger Jexx Hinggo in a fun interview.

If you wanna get to know the guys more, stay tuned for Jexx Hinggo’s interview with them in his Youtube channel.

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