My Formal OOTD to My Cousin’s Wedding

Hello, guys! I’ve recently attended my cousin’s wedding. I’m really not the type of person who would splurge a lot for a wedding attendance (but I tell you, I have done so, but mostly not by choice). However, I had no dress that is appropriate for the wedding’s motif which was pink, so I had to buy one. Nevetheless, as I’m quite thrifty (I learned it the hard way though), and bought the dress for only 300php or 6USD in one of the best department stores in my city. And I tell you, it’s quite decent!

ootd wedding

Believe it or not, I had to lose some weight for this ceremony, and it’s a great thing that I did! That’s the cute, but simple dress I bought for only 300PHP 6USD! The bag I used is actually the Jessica Poppy Bag, but when taking pictures, I accessorized the whole thing with my sister’s Lacoste Bag. The shoes I wore was also very cheap. I bought it for around 450PHP or 9USD months back. I rarely use it, so to my delight, I got a wedding that came. HAHA

Here’s a close-up picture. I used the necklace that my boyfriend gave me and paired it with the bracelet and earrings that came with it. For my make-up, I had to rely on my sister’s expertise but told her to keep it simple, so it’s mostly just the basics. The glasses wouldn’t go anywhere! HAHA

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