I Started Going Out Again (Amidst the Pandemic)

I have to say that I’m one of those very few pandemic extremists and snobs. I have been very strict with myself and my family since the COVID-19 pandemic hit my city. And it’s no surprise because I’m living with three medical frontliners, but despite the three of them being doctors, I’m the most dictatorial. However, in December, I started going out again.

During the first few months of this pandemic, the media was bombarded with protocols, news, research, and other information about the virus. And yes, I took them very seriously–up to now. However, after 10 months of completely isolating myself from my friends and orgmates, I finally succumbed to reality.

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The reality is that life must go on, with or without the pandemic. Several lockdowns in the world had a lot of negative impact on economies, safety (for those being abused by family members or housemates), businesses, livelihoods, mental health, and other factors. While at first, I agreed to the lockdowns they imposed, I think it would’ve been better if they only shortened it to a month. Oh, well, I have to understand that governments have not been ready with this pandemic.

Nevertheless, many of us have started to live with the pandemic. Even during the lockdown, I was the one tasked to go out and buy groceries and other important stuff for our household. But never did I ever see my friends even after the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) was already implemented in my city. The MECQ meant that everyone can go out for as long as they keep social distance and wear protective gear. Because of that, many people already acted like there was no pandemic at all–parties and gatherings were everywhere, and people really hung out with each other for unimportant stuff.

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I was and still am wary of the pandemic, so I never did those things. I even wonder why some people are able to do so. I mean, you wouldn’t know where and whom your friends or relatives were exposed, so we never know, that they could be carriers.

My work is based online, so I have learned to stay mostly home for over 10 years. However, my bandmate, who arranged to have distance recording decided that I should record my vocals and synthesizers with him and our other bandmates in his home. That way, it would be easier for us to set up and process everything. I was hesitant at first, but then I realized that I should do it.

Vocal recording set-up in my bandmate’s house

I asked several friends if it was okay, and they said that I shouldn’t worry. I should just follow safety protocols, move on, and do my craft. And yes, I’ve been out with my bandmates a few times to record for our upcoming album. It’s exciting for me and so far, I think we’re doing a great job! HAHA Stay tuned for our music.

Now, the main point here is that life goes on. While this pandemic has restricted us from doing what we want, at the end of the day, it really is still up to us. We cannot control our environment, but people have been living with it and become successful. They opened businesses, released films, albums, etc.

It’s hard, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in this world. We shouldn’t live in fear. I myself promised that even amidst this pandemic, I would continue to grow what I have started, and recording my band’s original songs is a start. You should do so too, keeping in mind the safety protocols.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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