My Coach Wallet and Wristlet Collection

Hello, everyone. It’s a little awkward for me blogging personally ‘coz I’ve been used to writing about films, music, artists, and pop culture in general. I’ve been contemplating what to blog in here for a while, and all I could think of was reviews and thoughts on pop culture again, until today when one of my most awaited hauls came. I’ll blog about my coach wallet and wristlet collection.

I didn’t realize until today that I have been collecting Coach wallet and wristlets for a while. And I really love my current one. Hence, I decided to show them to you.

I’m not the type who buys designer or semi-luxury stuff, but I’ve been so lucky to have been gifted some by my mom and her best friend. After that, I just really fell in love with their quality and the semi-luxurious feel that comes with owning such stuff.

I’m not sure if I could call it a collection. My basis is that we don’t really get to use a lot of purses and pouches as much, especially with the pandemic. However, since Coach is a designer brand, then, in my opinion, I already have a collection.

Without further ado, here is my Coach wallet and wristlet collection:

Coach Signature Black Debossed Patent Leather Corner Zip Wristlet

Coach F58034 Signature Black Debossed Patent Leather Corner Zip Wristlet Coach Wallet and Wristlet
Coach F58034 Signature Black Debossed Patent Leather Corner Zip Wristlet

Among the four items in my collection, the Coach Signature Black Debossed Patent Leather is the most common one. I’ve browsed through online shops selling Coach and Michael Kors items, and I’ve seen this in around three shops either for sale or sold. They are selling or have sold it for at least Php2,500.

My mom gave it to me, and it came in a dust bag and a care card. It also said that it’s made in Vietnam. If you see it in actuality, you can say that it’s original ‘coz it looks very luxurious, and cute, at the same time. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. The gold is still shining and shimmering, despite what you see in the picture (sorry, I can’t capture it properly).

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Coach F58034 Signature Black Debossed Patent Leather Corner Zip Wristlet

Since the pandemic happened, I have not been commuting. It’s either my brother, mother or business partner who drives me to essential errands. I didn’t need to bring everything with me. I also let go of bringing the make-up kit and other items I used to bring when going out. I would only bring small bags, and this was the only wristlet and wallet that fit in the bags I used. Hence, I mostly used this one last year.

Coach Legacy Large Wristlet

coach legacy large wristlet
Coach Legacy Large Wristlet

After using the Coach Signature Black Debossed Patent Leather, I got bored with it and the bag I used to don. My family (except me) contracted the virus in Februay of this year, and they all survived it. Because of that, we were less afraid to go out. We would already dine in at non-crowded coffee shops and restaurants. When it’s my turn in paying, I really found the small wristlet annoying. I preferred a real wallet, and so this large wristlet was a blessing. My phone even fit in there. I mostly use this for simple errands and dine-ins because, as you can see, it’s already quite worn out.

coach legacy large wristlet

It was my mom’s best friend, my godmother, who gave this to me. I love the color. According to Feng Shui experts, the luckiest colors for wallets, wristlets, or anything you put your money in are black, purple, green, and metal colors like gold, silver, and bronze. My godmother is Chinese, so I guess she makes sure of the colors.

Coach Gold Kisslock Wristlet

coach gold wristlet

That is another wristlet in my Coach wallet and wristlet collection that my godmother gave me (yes, apart from my mom, she also gives me a lot of designer stuff). I haven’t used this for a while now because my phone won’t fit in there. Apart from that, I haven’t been attending formal events like weddings. This wristlet would be perfect for them if only my phone would fit. If this pandemic comes to an end, I’ll be sure to use this as my make-up pouch, or perhaps I would buy a shorter phone so that it would fit in here.

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coach gold wristlet

I would want it also to be a wallet, but I would also need to fold the bills for them to fit. Sad. Nevertheless, I really love this wristlet because of its color and design. I haven’t seen any new coach wristlet that has the same design. It’s unique, and we never know; it might already find itself on the vintage side.

Coach Crossgrain Leather Small Trifold Wallet

Coach Crossgrain Leather Small Trifold Wallet

This is the new one in my coach wallet and wristlet collection! As I’ve said, I’ve been donning small bags for a while now, and my Michael Kors Jetset long wallet either won’t fit in them or just fit well that my hands don’t have enough free space to roam through my bags. Hence, the search for a small wallet began.

I’ve been fangirling a lot lately, so my first criteria for a wallet is one with a photo space in it (I’ve recently bought and been given photo cards of my Korean and Japanese crushes, and I want them on my wallet). I’ve already planned about going to malls to purchase one until I saw this for sale in one of the shops selling authentic Coach and Michael Kors stuff. I fell in love with the color! Apart from that, the price was just right. This wallet also has a back zipper when you can put some coins and other stuff like pins or papers.

Coach Crossgrain Leather Small Trifold Wallet

I was supposed to be hesitant to get it because it didn’t have a photo space, but I just really fell in love with the color. Colors like that are quite rare to find here, especially since we don’t have an official Coach store in the country.

I bet the sellers got this from an outlet store because they priced it reasonably. If you check out the Coach Outlet website, you’ll find a lot of great deals there. The wristlets, wallets, cardholders, and other accessories are priced for as low as $25!

Anyway, that’s it for my Coach wallet and wristlet collection. If you have a blog, why don’t you try blogging about any of your designer or semi-luxury finds and collection as well? Thank you for reading! <3

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