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Check out what’s in Moira’s shopping list this Christmas!

Check out what’s in Moira’s shopping list this Christmas!

Get your loved ones the best Christmas gifts with Home Credit at 0% interest!

For some people, it might be challenging to find the ideal holiday presents for their loved ones. Giving gifts comes with some pressure because we simply want to do what is best for our loved ones and stuff that they will love and cherish.

Filipino singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre shares her Christmas gift suggestions that are excellent for all ages and for every important person in your life, whether you’re still searching for the right presents or simply need some inspiration.

Home Credit recently introduced The Great 0% Interest Festival, allowing shoppers to browse products from approximately 10,000 partner retailers nationwide, making it a happier holiday season.

Consumers have access to more than 50,000 products through Home Credit, all of which are available at 0% interest through January 31, 2023.

Have you prepared your Christmas gifts yet? See which items are on Moira’s holiday shopping list!

Gifts for learning and entertainment

It’s time to give diligent kids like your inaanaks the technology they deserve. Giving them the newest technology can encourage them to maintain a healthy balance between school and life by suggesting they work hard and enjoy some downtime in between. Not to mention that in the modern learning style, devices like cellphones, laptops, tablets, and peripherals like noise-canceling headphones have been shown to enhance students’ learning, both in the traditional classroom setting and hybrid learning.

Your dads and brothers might be addicted to cable TV or online streaming platforms because the new NBA season just started last month. Given that the entire family spends time at home during the holidays in the spirit of togetherness, purchasing a high-quality smart TV for your home might make a fantastic gift for any avid sports fans in the family. To top it all off, giving someone excellent Bluetooth speakers allows them to party or just relax wherever and whenever.

These devices are available from a number of top tech companies, including OPPO, realme, Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, Apple, Huawei, and Asus. Don’t worry; the 0% interest festival for the greatest price this season is being held at these companies and other Home Credit partner locations across the country.

Presents for convenience and healthy living

Many people adore the innovation of inverter technology for household appliances. The use of inverter products, in comparison to conventional appliances can reduce energy use and costs at home. Giving your parents or any loved ones modern appliances that provide comfortable living at home will make them happy throughout the season and beyond.

You should strongly consider an inverter refrigerator and air conditioner! With a cool, affordable refrigerator in place, moms can store their groceries in a secure location to guarantee the quality of each item. Moms enjoy spending time in the kitchen and preparing snacks for their families.

Why not purchase an inverter air conditioner for the family while you’re at it so they may take advantage of the cool room temperature during family gatherings? In a country with tropical weather like the Philippines, an air conditioner will be greatly appreciated. It is also environmentally friendly and uses less power.

Owning a high-quality washing machine is another essential home appliance. By just placing their clothing in the machine, turning on the electricity, and selecting their favorite cycle, titas may save time. Many of them prefer doing their laundry manually, so it’s a great way to demonstrate your appreciation for their convenience.

During the pandemic, the demand for at-home workouts increased. Give your fitness-obsessed sibling or significant other a punching bag, weights, or yoga mat, or go big and give them an indoor bike or treadmill for Christmas to help them realize their dream of having a home gym. By having this fitness equipment at home, they may get the most out of their workouts and maintain their health and fitness.

SM Appliances, Robinsons Appliances, Abenson, FC Home, Home Along, AllHome, Emcor, and Automatic Centre are just a few of the retail partners of Home Credit, where you may purchase various home appliances and fitness equipment.

Curated holiday presents for a more personal touch

Looking for a more creative holiday gifting idea? Make your own holiday gift package by trying this! Put some adorable baby clothes, toys, and other stuff in a box with a ribbon to give it a festive vibe for your coworkers who recently had a baby.

In addition to that, you may include some contemporary accessories, perfume, and new lipstick hues in a lovely tote bag or basket for the BFFs as a thoughtful gift.

Customers can purchase at partner stores through Home Credit’s Shopping Basket for these different goods, which they can assemble into bundles at a minimum cost of Php 3,000. Customers can now purchase them with 0% interest through a monthly installment plan.

More than ever, the Christmas spirit is alive and well. To help you celebrate, Home Credit is providing 0% interest on the greatest gifts of your choosing that will make the whole family feel treasured and appreciated.

To download the My Home Credit app and take advantage of the finest Christmas discounts and offers, click here. Visit www.homecredit.ph to learn more about the most recent news from Home Credit Philippines. You may also follow the company’s official profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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