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Coca-Cola’s Tapon to Ipon program encourages the collection and recycling of plastic bottles during fiestas

Coca-Cola’s Tapon to Ipon program encourages the collection and recycling of plastic bottles during fiestas

The bottling division of the company in the country, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI), activated Tapon to Ipon: Basta Klaro, Panalo! pop-up booths in Cebu and Iloilo and gathered more than 400 kg of post-consumer clear PET plastic bottles in support of holding waste-free festival celebrations.

The CCBPI’s statewide PET post-consumer bottle collecting initiative, known as Tapon to Ipon, accepts bottles from any brand as long as they are clear. The corporation launched a new phase of the campaign to create awareness of the value of old clear PET plastic bottles and recycling by setting up pop-up kiosks at the Sinulog and Dinagyang Festivals. This marked the beginning of the country’s fiesta circuit.

“We maximize every opportunity to bring Tapon to Ipon to more communities across the Philippines. We bring our Tapon to Ipon program where we can integrate them with our selling activities. As our consumers enjoy our refreshing beverages and celebrate with their family and friends, we make it possible for them to return their used plastic bottles for recycling,” said Gareth McGeown, CEO and President of CCBPI. 

The benefits of transparent PET plastic bottles are emphasized by CCBPI: Customers can tapon their used clear PET plastic bottles from any brand and receive rewards through Tapon to Ipon (ipon). For every fifteen (15) clear old PET bottles, attendees received Coca-Cola goods as an added incentive to engage at the fiesta pop-up booths.

McGeown adds, “The support of festival-goers, community members, and our partners are at the core of this program as we continue to strengthen a fully circular economy for our packaging and work toward our World Without Waste goal.”  

Festival-goers and community members participated in the Tapon to Ipon pop-up booth by dropping off clear PET plastic bottles of any brand in exchange for Coca-Cola products, helping raise awareness on the value of used clear PET plastic bottles and recycling.

PETValue Philippines as end-destination for collected bottles

The foundation of Tapon to Ipon is Coca-global Cola’s World Without Waste pledge, which calls for the collection and recycling of the equivalent of every bottle and can the business sells by the year 2030. To collect clear PET plastic bottles across the nation and divert them for recycling at PETValue Philippines, CCBPI forms relationships with both public and private partners, including local government units and agencies, commercial groups, and MSMEs.

In General Trias, Cavite, PETValue Philippines—innovative CCBPI’s bottle-to-bottle recycling facility—is now fully operational. Coca-Cola wants to develop a genuinely circular economy for recyclable plastic bottles. It has the ability to handle about 2 billion PET (polyethylene terephthalate) transparent plastic bottles.

A global supplier of sustainable chemicals, Indorama Ventures, and CCBPI have partnered to create PETValue Philippines. The recycling facility repurposes clear PET bottles using the safest and most cutting-edge bottle-to-bottle recycling technology. Working collaboratively with partners in the public and commercial sectors, Coca-Cola intends to develop a strong collecting network for recyclable plastic bottles across the nation through initiatives like Tapon to Ipon.

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