Kada-kada, Celebrating Like a Panda at the 38th Kadayawan Festival in Davao

Guess who brought a splash of pink to Davao’s vibrant Kadayawan Festival? Yep, it’s our favorite online food and grocery haven, foodpanda!

Kadayawan isn’t just about celebrating nature’s blessings, our rich culture, the bountiful harvest, and the peace in our lives. It’s also about showing off the incredible diversity of the 11 tribes in Davao. And guess what? This year’s theme is, “Colors of Abundance, Vibrance of Diversity, Festival of Festivals.”

But wait, there’s more! foodpanda decided to make this year’s Kadayawan even more unforgettable. For all you loyal app users and future subscribers out there, they brought some jaw-dropping surprises and awesome activities to spice up the festivities. It’s all part of their Kada-kada Like A Panda initiative.

Patricia Jacinto, foodpanda Philippines Growth & Marketing Director, expressed her enthusiasm to the company’s involvement in the week-long celebration. “foodpanda was thrilled to have immersed ourselves in the vibrant Kadayawan festivities. By actively participating in various Kadayawan events, we hope we were able to bring added joy and a slew of prizes to both the Dabawenyos and loyal app users.” 

foodpanda didn’t just sit on the sidelines; they jumped right into the festival action. They became the star judge in some of Kadayawan’s coolest events like Indak Indak, Hiyas ng Kadayawan, and Hudyaka sa Kadayawan. Imagine a panda in the judge’s seat. They even handed out shiny prizes to the folks who wowed us all with their epic performances. It’s like they’re part of the community now, embodying all those festival vibes.

foodpanda didn’t stop there. They teamed up with the local legends at Mamastill Atbp. for the “Paying It Forward Free Pastil” project at Roxas Night Market. Everyone who keeps the night market alive, from the hustling vendors to our dedicated police officers and street sweepers, got to enjoy a delicious local delicacy called Pastil. Now that’s spreading the love and filling our bellies.

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