URC Appreciation Post: Some of My Fave Snacks from the Company

URC Appreciation Post: Some of My Fave Snacks from the Company

The Philippines has one of the best snacks in the world. I’m not only being biased because, according to my Korean students, Pinoy snacks are much better than theirs, and they always crave them, especially Chippy, Hello, Cloud 9, Mr. Chips, Tostillas, Presto, and Nova. I’ve been snacking on these delights since I was a kid, and they’ve been my family’s favorites, but I didn’t know until the 2010s that they all come from the same company: Universal Robina Corporation (URC).

This blog post is a URC appreciation post. I’ve been devouring products from the brand, so it’s time to thank them by featuring some of them on my blog. URC has been with me and even my parents since we were kids (they started in 1954), and it has become a part of Filipino culture and family or barkada bonding moments.

Nova, Piatos, and Mang Juan

I’m older than Nova, Piatos, and Mang Juan. I remember having the first two when I was in elementary school. It was love at first bite for both. For Piatos, URC first released the cheese and barbecue flavor, but my favorite has always been the sour cream flavor. It was one of the first sour cream-flavored foods I had ever tasted. Hence, the sour cream flavor is my favorite one.

Nova is almost like a healthy snack. It’s my health-conscious mom’s cheat snack. It’s not too salty, but it’s still very delicious. That makes it one of the most popular URC-Jack n’Jill snacks. Finally, one of the newest editions to the Jack n’ Jill roster, Mang Juan, is also a crowd favorite. It’s perfect for “pulutan.” Apart from that, it’s also one of the cheapest snacks in the market.


Presto peanut butter cookies are also one of my favorite URC products. Its taste is exquisite, unlike other peanut butter-flavored cookies and biscuits that are very commercial in the market. Through the years, Presto has maintained its smooth, creamy, and delectable taste that everyone enjoys.


C2 is also one of URC’s offerings that was released when I was older. I was perhaps in high school or college when it first came to the market. At that time, iced tea was already gaining traction in the Philippines, and URC immediately made its own brew of flavored iced teas, which people also enjoyed and loved at first drink.

Chocolate-filled: Cloud9, Nips, and Pretzels

These three chocolate-based snacks have been around since I was a child. I remember being unable to devour them a lot because my parents would limit my snack intake. However, I remember always enjoying them whenever I got a chance to eat them. Until now, Cloud9 has been my favorite chocolate. I know its caramel-chocolate-peanut mix was derived from an American chocolate brand, but its quality and taste, compared to the former’s price point, is a true match for it.

Great Taste

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but there are times, especially when I’m traveling when I need to drink coffee to balance my bowel movement. Great Taste has been a big competitor or more prominent imported brands, but it has proven to exceed the quality and taste of those big brands. Great Taste white is my go-to flavored coffee. The brand is also my family’s favorite, including their muscovado and chocolate variants.


Payless has been around since I was a kid, and it is still one of my favorite Pancit canton brands in the market. Its nostalgic taste is unparalleled. Although I rarely eat pancit canton nowadays, I was thrilled when I got these two packs. I can’t wait to cook them!

Universal Robina has been a part of my life since time immemorial. All their classic and new offerings are always the best. No one can ever beat it, especially since they are all original and based on the Filipino palate. That’s why they are always beloved by my fellow citizens and beyond. More power to you, URC! <3

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