HONOR Expands Beyond Luzon and Visayas, Unveils Experience Store at Gaisano Mall of Davao

Hey, tech aficionados! Get ready to be wowed because HONOR, the ultimate global tech guru for cutting-edge gadgets, just unleashed some exciting news – their spanking new HONOR Experience Store has officially landed on the 3rd floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao!

In the spirited words of Stephen Cheng, the Vice President of HONOR Philippines, “We are absolutely buzzing with excitement! From today onward, all you incredible Davaoeños can dive into the world of HONOR’s powerful devices right here in our store. And guess what? This is just the tip of the iceberg! Brace yourselves for more surprises as we unveil new stores not only in Davao but throughout Mindanao!”

But wait, there’s an extra scoop of awesomeness! The grand event was led by some seriously cool cats from HONOR Philippines – Steven Yan, the GTM Manager, PR maestro Pao Oga, the genius National Training Head Jaynard Lamarca, and the fantastic Karla Nangcas, Trade Marketing Manager. They even brought the star-studded touch with the inclusion of Mr. Johny Ong from MikroCell Davao.

The guest list featured top Davao publications (both in print and online) and Davao content creators, all adding to the electrifying atmosphere.

And did we spill the beans about the star attractions? You bet! The spotlight was squarely on HONOR’s latest and greatest gadgets – the HONOR 905G and its trusty sidekick, the HONOR 905G Lite, taking center stage and wowing the tech-savvy audience.

HONOR Expands Beyond Luzon and Visayas, Unveils Experience Store at Gaisano Mall of Davao

As if that wasn’t thrilling enough, HONOR fans and mall wanderers dived headfirst into the Guess The Phone Challenge, with tantalizing HONOR goodies up for grabs.

So, whether you’re in Davao or any corner of Mindanao, mark your calendars and make a pitstop at the HONOR Experience Store for an epic tech adventure! Who knows what delightful surprises await you there?


Get ready to dive headfirst into the tech shopping adventure of a lifetime with HONOR’s sensational 10.10 sale! From October 10 to 15, 2023, gear up for a jaw-dropping shopping extravaganza that could save you a whopping Php 10,000+ on top-notch HONOR goodies. 🎉

Here’s the inside scoop:

Feast your eyes on the HONOR MagicBook X14, initially tagged at Php 34,990, now up for grabs at an unbeatable Php 22,403. But hold onto your seats because there’s more – snag one, and you’ll walk away with a FREE Premium HONOR bag worth a cool Php 2,000!

Brace yourself for the legendary HONOR 70 5G, swooping down from its original price of Php 26,990 to an astonishing Php 18,990!

HONOR Expands Beyond Luzon and Visayas, Unveils Experience Store at Gaisano Mall of Davao

The HONOR X Series is setting the tech world ablaze with these sizzling discounts:

HONOR X9 is up for grabs at an irresistible Php 8,490, down from its original Php 14,990 price tag. HONOR X8, a pocket-friendly Php 6,490, saving you a jaw-dropping Php 6,500! Don’t miss the chance to own the HONOR X7 and HONOR X6, yours for a mere Php 5,990 and Php 5,490, respectively.

Hold onto your tech-loving hearts because the mighty HONOR 90 5G superhero smartphone is now a steal at just Php 23,990. But hey, that’s not all, folks! The recently-unveiled HONOR 90 Lite 5G, HONOR X6a, HONOR X5 Plus, and HONOR Pad X6 are all joining the price-drop party.

Stay in the loop by paying a visit to HONOR’s website at or hang out with the cool kids on their social media playgrounds: Facebook (, Instagram (, and TikTok ( And if you’re itching to hit the stores, check out the full list of HONOR’s retail spots at

Let’s make 10.10 the most epic tech shopping spree ever! #HONOR1010Sale

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