My Coach Bag Collection + New Gifts

My Coach Bag Collection + New Gifts

The truth is, it’s pretty embarrassing for me to blog about my bags, but I didn’t give in to my hesitation because I also saw YouTube videos and blogs showcasing their Coach bag collection. Since I have blogged about my Coach wallet and pouch collection in the past, I decided to write about my Coach bag collection as well. I just have a few of them, but hopefully, I can add up to them soon if I don’t decide to get from other brands.

Coach Sig Glitter Cherries Tote Handbag

Like most of my Coach items, the Coach Sig Glitter Cherries Tote Handbag was also a gift from my mom’s best friend, who always gives us branded and semi-luxury items. This is one of my favorite tote bags because it’s hip, cool, and youthful. It’s usually the bag I bring to brand events, or in times when I need extra space.

If you’re close to me, I’m pretty sure that you know that that bag is my style. Although I’m not a fan of monogram bags, I love this because it stands out due to its cherry-laden pattern and rainbow-colored strap. Also, recently, I’ve been loving tote bags, and so this gift was so perfect. Thank you again, ninang Annie!

Coach Plum Cross Body bag

People close to me know that if I don’t bring my work tablet anywhere (since I’m a freelancer), I usually love donning cross-body bags. However, I usually use this bag when I travel, especially when attending concerts in Manila. The bag is around 12 inches, and it suits most bag requirements in concert venues.

Another great thing about the bag is its thick hardware, metal connector, and sling, which makes me feel pretty confident that it will last long and be able to hold a lot of stuff, which I won’t abuse. Nevertheless, it’s of superb quality as compared to Coach outlet bags like the one I’m sharing next.

You may think it’s small, but it can fit many things, including an umbrella. Hence, it’s the perfect bag for traveling and even doing errands. Its design is also compact and pretty. What’s also great about the bag is that its design is not common. The bag was sold to me at a discounted price, which is pretty awesome, right?

Coach Reversible City Tote In Rainbow Zig Zag

I bought this bag because the design perfectly fits events for Kadayawan, my city’s harvest festival. I bought it from Shopee, a seller selling authentic branded bags at a discounted price. However, I couldn’t use it during the event it was for because it hadn’t arrived the day before. Regardless, I still love my purchase because I get to use it for anything. I usually use it as my hand-carry bag in airports because it fits many things.

It’s also nice that it’s reversible, so I get it’s like buying two bags. The only problem with this bag is that it might just be made of saffiano pebbled leather, but it’s of great quality, except for its thin handles. Hence, I shouldn’t put a lot of heavy things in it, or else the handle might break. That’s what you usually get with Coach outlet bags like this. They’re a lot cheaper and are mass-produced, so I think they’re not as high quality as other bags (like my Coach plum sling).

Coach Small Sling Bag

This bag was thrifted from a night market years ago. I just bought it at 400PHP, if I remember well. It used to be intact, but I guess I used it too much, so its sling broke. I tried fixing it but to no avail. Hence, I just use it as a pouch.

I also bought another bag but I gave it to my mom, which is the Coach Straw Buckled bag.

Gifts from my friend in the UK

Let me also blog about the gifts my friend gave me. Well, my friend’s from the UK, but she gave me American brands. I really love all the stuff that she gave me. Thank you, Gzel!

Steve Madden Purse/Clutch Bag

I really like the wallet/clutch bag my friend gave me, and what’s great about it is that it fits my phone. It’s so pretty. However, it’s quite unfortunate that my cat scratched the bag part of it, but the damages are minimal. It’s still pretty.

I’ve been curious about the Steve Madden brand. I first discovered it from the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo Dicaprio. I thought that it’s no longer in the market, but I was stunned to see a branch at Central Square Mall in BGC. I love their shoes, but I’m not sure if my age group still suits their style. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to buying more from the brand, especially bags, wallets, and other accessories. Steve Madden is perhaps the same level as Guess or Tommy Hilfiger, if I’m not mistaken.

Laura Ashley TBar Mesh Gold Watch

This gold Laura Ashley watch is so nice. I didn’t expect that it was a watch after I first checked it out. It was the first time I heard of the Laura Ashley brand, and I found out that they are more into home items and accessories, and they’re into floral designs, which are really pretty; my style.

That’s it. Thank you for reading.

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