AI for Resilient Supply Chains – Thomas Choy Interview

“AI is unlike humans at all. We haven’t reached a point where AI can replicate human complexity, especially in managing personal lives and relationships. While AI excels in data storage, humans remain essential for data analysis. Besides that, physical tasks in supply chains, like pick-and-pack in warehouses, are best performed by humans, not robots. Technology serves as a supplementary machine rather than a human replacement.”

Thomas Choy

In August of last year, my former editor and boss, Annie Tai, called for an interview with our company Aratum’s Vice President for Operations, Thomas Choy, in order for me to practice interviewing experts in the supply chain technology field.

Annie dropped a few questions first about AI, supply chain resilience, and a bit of Thomas’ work in Aratum. I listened intently as I thought it would be pleasant to add my additional questions to shape further the article I was about to write.

Months passed by and my editor was hesitant to publish the article and paved the way for other experts to be featured on the blog instead. Nevertheless, after eight months, the article finally saw the light of day, after my ruthless edits and incessant badger.

Thomas gave at least five deep insights into the power of AI and actionable strategies that leaders and managers can adopt for a streamlined supply chain. Like my take on Generative AI, implementing AI in your business is not a loss of human-related tasks and authenticity. AI is there to empower you to become more efficient, sustainable. adaptive, and resilient.

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