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Just a bit of a life update. While I was doing my industry pages tasks for Aratum, someone called from our gate and said that I have a package.

For my online packages, I usually opt for J&T Express, so I was stunned to know that it was the LBC guy. Apparently, I had a suprise package from Techlife! I got to ecstatic.

Here are the stuff inside the TechLife PR kit:

TechLife Wireless Headphones

The most noticeable one is the TechLife Wireless headphones. I tried it out, and its sound quality was the best. Plus, it was so light; it didn’t hurt my ears at all. Apart from that, it has 20db active noise cancellation! The sound quality is at par with a lot of wireless headphones in the market. However, others are much more expensive, heavy, and tight that they really hurt your ears and induce headaches. It also has a 15-hour playtime, so you won’t have to always charge it. At 619PHP, the Techlife wireless headphones are more than your money’s worth.

Although the box shows white-colored headphones, what was inside was a black one. At first I thought that I preferred the white one, but I realized that I might just get it dirty, so I’m thankful that I got the black.

The TechLife luggage tag.

I already had the realme luggage tag, so I’m gonna give this to my mom, who is now very excited for her overseas trip next year. TechLife’s logo is so nice, and it is emphasized in this luggage tag.

TechLife Abaca Bag

This one is so awesome, too, because compared to many abaca bags in the market (Muji, ehem), this one has a button lock and an additional compartment on the front. I’m sure I can use it for shopping or weekend and overseas trips.

TechLife Pouch

Another awesome gift from TechLife! This pouch is perfect for gadget cords, powerbanks, as well as makeup brushes! You can just put anything in it.

So those are what’s inside the TechLife PR kit. I highly recommend the wireless headphones.

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