Davao Restaurants Offering Up to 50% Daily on Foodpanda

Hello, Davaoeños! Our city is now considered as one of the foodie-rich cities in the Philippines. With the unending string of local restaurants in the metro, there’s no way we can check out all of them, perhaps even in our lifetimes. Hence, we should choose not just the best, but those with the amazing deals!

Well I’m here to give you a list of the Davao-based restaurants that are offering the best food at huge discounts. foodpanda is here, you won’t have to worry about the quality because the delivery app ensures us that despite all the discounts, the food remains top-quality, with huge servings. Let’s run them down now.

New Davao Famous

New Davao Famous being called a classic restaurant is not an overstatement. The restaurant chain has been around for years, and yet they are still devoured by many Davaoeños. That’s because their food quality and taste remain the same ones that even our grandmothers have come to love.

Dish recommendations: Satemi, lumpiang Shanghai, Classic Fried Prawns, Famous Fried Rice

Haveli King

Without a doubt, Haveli King has been the most talked about Indian restaurant in the past few years. With their extensive menu and authentic dishes, they are the go-to Indian restaurants in the city.

Dish recommendations: Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Samosa, Cheese Dosa, Sambal Omelet

Barbeque Boss

Looking for cheap but delicious pulutan or meals? Barbeque boss offers bundled barbeques and meal combos that fit every Davaoeño’s budget. If you’re looking for full family meals, however, you can still rely on them to deliver Pinoy meals at affordable prices.

Dish recommendations: Special Pork Sisig, Assorted Barbeque Bucket, Sinuglaw

Hangry Tuna

Compared to chicken or pork-based food, fish dishes are a rarity. In one establishement, only one or two offerings of fishes are available. Hence, if you’re craving for seafood, Hangry Tuna is the answer. Despite its name, the restaurant offers dishes beyond tuna, like bangus, shrimps, and other delicious fishes.

Dish recommendations: Adobong Bagaybay, Cheesy Tuna Lumpia, Tuna Kinilaw, Grilled Tuna Panga, Tuna Pansit Guisado

Chicoy’s Lugawan

Another type of food that we Filipinos love are lugaw, and Chikoy’s Lugawan offers some of the best in town! Apart from lugaw, they also have batchoy specials, noodles, bulalo, as well as Chinese dishes. Satisfy your immediate cravings by ordering from them on foodpanda.

Dish recommendations: Arroz Caldo with Egg, Bulalo, Batchoy, Beef Brisket Noodles, Pork Asado Rice

Aling Paz Food Hauz

Many Davaoeños from different walks of life have already eaten and tasted all the Filipino offerings of Aling Paz Food Hauz. I’m sure that many were delighted when they became available on foodpanda. What’s great about ordering from them is that the dishes are served hot and fresh, even if you’re many km away from the eatery.

Dish recommendations: Lechon Kawali, Bulalo, Balbacua, Dinuguan, Paklay na Sari-sari, Adobong Pusit, Pakbet

Shaxian Snacks

Another new Davao favorite is Shaxian Snacks. If you’re looking for more unique and authentic Chinese meals, they are the go-to restaurants. A first look at their palatable dishes makes you want to head on to their store to order. However, remember that with foodpanda, you get the most out of your money with Shaxian’s discounts, without having to leave your home.

Dish recommendations: Beef Noodles, Yangzhou Fried Rice, Fried Wonton, Wonton Noodles

Tiger Bubble Tea

If you’re into brown sugar milk tea with a little bit of twist, ordering from Tiger Bubble Tea is the answer. But apart from that, they also offer ice cream-based milkteas as well as the 90s popular dessert, the scramble.

Drink recommendations: Tiger Brown Sugar, Uji Matcha, Vanilla Ice Cream, Superman Scramble, Bengal Wintermelon, Tiger Oreo Cheesecake

LA Halo Halo

Another go-to dessert establishment in the city is the LA Halo Halo. Enjoy their mouth-watering desserts at affordable prices. When you order from foodpanda, you won’t have to worry because their drivers are equipped with thermo bags to maintain the temperature and state of your dessert.

Food recommendations: LA Halo Halo Overload, Mais Con Yelo, Mango Graham Craze, Buko Pandan

We Got Cha

We Got Cha is known primarily as a milktea shop, but more that its drink repertoire, the shop boasts some of the best food in Davao City. From takoyaki to one-person meals, you’ll surely go back to them to satisfy your cravings. Their drink offerings is the most extensive one in the city, too.

Food recommendations: Baby Octopus with Chizu takoyaki, Beef Nachos, Cheese Quesadilla, Oreo-Matcha Cream Cheese Tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Bacon & Cheese Egg Drop, Beef Shawarma Wrap

So there you have it! Satisfy your hunger with just a few taps! Whether it’s local dishes or your favorite snacks, foodpanda’s got you covered. And don’t forget to check out its exclusive deals and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else.

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