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Red Bull Dance Your Style Kicks Off First Qualifier in Davao

The competition was sizzling hot at the Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifiers in Davao, where the region’s best dancers delivered dazzling performances, leaving the audience with the power to choose the winner. This unique, global 1-on-1 street dance competition celebrates the diversity and creativity of dance styles, challenging participants to show off their improvisational expertise and freestyle moves to unpredictable songs.

For its third year in the Philippines, Red Bull Dance Your Style extended its search for the country’s top dance talents to Mindanao, culminating in the first-ever qualifiers in Davao, held on June 29 at Club Echelon in Davao City.

Sixteen dancers took to the dance floor, showcasing their impressive moves and creativity. REPETER (Peter Nugas III), MJ (MJ Mejos), MSTR PIECE (Regie Harris Lavestre), and R3DMAN (Edrian Alcaria) advanced to the Top 4, with R3DMAN ultimately taking home the trophy. His unique style and prowess left the audience in awe, earning him the title. R3DMAN and MSTR PIECE, as first and second place winners, respectively, secured their spots in the National Finals.

Red Bull Dance Your Style

“It’s very overwhelming,” said R3DMAN. “I didn’t know what to feel. Earlier, when the champion was called, I was dazed. It felt like a dream for me.” Despite having limited time to prepare due to school and work commitments, R3DMAN believed in himself and enjoyed the moment, even though he considers himself a rookie with only four battles under his belt.

As he gears up for the next round of the competition, R3DMAN aims to improve his endurance and consistency. “The preparation will be intense. I feel like I’m going to battle with myself for consistency, which is what I need to work on,” he shared.

Dance consultant Lema Diaz of the Philippine All-Stars was present at the event. “I’ve been coming to Davao from 2006 to 2008, so I know how great the dance artists are in Davao and Mindanao,” she remarked. Diaz highlighted R3DMAN’s performance as a standout moment of the Davao qualifier, praising his mastery of his style, ability to connect with the audience, and entertaining presence.

She expressed excitement for Manila to witness his performance, noting that the entire Philippines would be inspired by the exchange among dancers. Diaz is eager to see the talent level and the number of participants grow in the upcoming rounds.

As the Davao qualifier wraps up, the anticipation builds for the next round of qualifiers in Cebu on July 13 at APEX Super Club. Diaz conveyed her enthusiasm for the upcoming rounds, stating, “(Dancers) elevate in a week, two, three, and four weeks. What more in a year?” She added, “That’s why I’m so excited to see how high the level has become and how many people are coming because we’re growing.” Alongside Diaz, fans eagerly await more incredible performances and unforgettable moments as dancers from across the Philippines vie for their chance to shine on the world stage.

Don’t miss a beat! Stay tuned for the next round of qualifiers, and be sure to catch the Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines National Finals on September 7. This is an event you truly won’t want to miss! Follow the Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines journey to the World Finals in India on November 9, 2024. For more information and updates regarding this year’s season of Red Bull Dance Your Style, visit the official Red Bull website and follow their social media pages (Facebook | Instagram | TikTok).

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