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Welcome to electricmoi!

The battle cry for this blog revolves around its tagline, “Don’t Be Boring. Be Creative. Be Electric.” While this blog can be unapologetically commercial at times (but I only choose those worth promoting), I make sure to offer insights into the current landscape of the world that’s continuously evolving. Nonetheless, as a personal and lifestyle blogger, I won’t take myself for granted. As for where it all started, the blog remains a journal at times, especially these times when I’m somehow getting to terms with spirituality.

Don’t be Boring
I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’d be a hypocrite if I guarantee you that I’d always be exciting or animating. I can promise you that I’m an eclectic and flexible person, so I hope some of my babbles will appeal to you.

Be Creative
Everyone engages in a lot of creative stuff every day, but the most vital thing you ought to do is to choose how you use each of your senses and consume things that can spark imagination and creativity. This would prophesize your relationship with your brain’s activities. That small lecture is a freebie on this blog. You might as well subscribe for more.

Be Pretentious
I encourage everyone to be pretentious but in a good way. We only have a few years in this world, so why not live different lives? In this blog, I play varied roles: I can exude positivity and be cynical the next day; I can be indie and be a sellout at the same time. You’ll see an evolution.

Be Electric
The word “electric” is due to my love for electronic music. I applied that blog name ever since the birth of my previous blog (which started on Livejournal). The word electric means exciting and stimulating, but for me, it epitomizes my quirks and idiosyncracies that you’ll get to perceive on this blog.

If you get tired of these, visit my Pop Culture blog instead.


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