LIONHEARTV 2018 RAWR Awards Complete List of Nominees

I love showbiz. Unlike a lot of the people with my same demographics, I don’t consider showbiz as a guilty pleasure. I simply am a huge fan of the industry. Everyone knows that my bias is the ALDUB loveteam, among other mainstream actors and indie/character actors. One of my trusted websites when it comes to seeking showbiz news and commentary is Lionheartv. I am so … Continue reading LIONHEARTV 2018 RAWR Awards Complete List of Nominees

Wearing Lolita

Avant Garde female enthusiasts are currently searching and discovering more underground and beyond-the-norm culture to adapt not only in film, music, visual arts, but also in fashion. One of the things that take interests these girls is the Lolita fashion. Odessa Tan, 18, is one of thes girls who wear Lolita. During days with no classes, she only wears Lolita. When asked why she wears … Continue reading Wearing Lolita

So Long, Bananaccino…

I agree with Pao. Performing with Bananaccino at Rizal Promenade was actually one of the greatest band experiences I ever had. Being with Anno Domini (my first band) and Palmwheel, which are all-girl bands, I was always satisfied in the end of the shows since these two bands get a lot of cheers, but I didn’t expect that it was more fun when you don’t … Continue reading So Long, Bananaccino…

For the beautiful boy I have been dreaming about

I curse you, for making me so ill Assertion disappears and Euphoria is uncertain How dare you not confirm it even if I try to shift my ways and not hide what I feel I wanna look deep in your eyes (your beautiful eyes, your beautiful eyes) Oh what is that you do to your hair You seem strange but why doesn’t it matter to … Continue reading For the beautiful boy I have been dreaming about


One instance. “Hey I really dig your band! I can’t wait to see you play again! Hmm.. But, where’s Lianna?”, one of our band’s new friends asked me during a meeting-slash worship before another YFC musicfest. “Umm…Well..Uh.. I think she’s on her way. Just wait for her. If ever she’s not going to make it, well maybe there’s a good reason behind her not coming.” … Continue reading Lianna

We Need Rapture

My head’s not spinning Why isn’t it? Almost everything under the sun’s not participating Don’t make me lose control Coz in just a minute it will happen I need something Coz I can’t tear myself away Everyone’s gonna sell their gravity Coz they wanna be in rapture Inside us there’s this longing It’s like changing tedium to pleasure and lowering their suffering that’s all they … Continue reading We Need Rapture