I have to admit that at some point in my high school life (especially in my first year high school), I had several textmates from different regions here in our country, but all of them lasted only for months.hehe I also had my txt-bf who was from Zamboanga (hehehe kauwaw pud ani ishare; at least isa rajud akong na-uyab through text). Anyway, that relationship didn’t … Continue reading SIP

Polygraph Test on Interpersonal Deception Theory

1. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to say something not completely true “to avoid hurting or offending another person, to emphasize their best qualities, to avoid getting into a conflict, or to speed up or slow down a relationship”? How did that experience affect your relationship with the other person? Yes, I have been in that situation. I am not … Continue reading Polygraph Test on Interpersonal Deception Theory