Street Portraits Taken By realme 12 5G

    So I’ve recently joined realme’s annual photowalk using their latest model, the realme 12 5G. This might be the first photo blog that I’ve product so far, because it will be photo-heavy. So the photowalk started at almost 5pm, where the realme people divided all participants into groups. I was part of Route 1, Group 2, which started at Osmeña Park, heading to People’s Park, and finally at Poblacion. Although the photowalk time was set during the golden hour, yesterday was cloudy. Nevertheless, we had the realme 12 5G to back us up in taking photos. I have mostly used the Maverick filter on the real me 12 5G because…


    Reviewing Hui’s WHU IS ME: Complex EP

    Hui (Lee Hoe Taek) of PENTAGON released his first solo EP last January 16. I’ve been a Universe (PENTAGON’s fandom name) for a while now, and Hui is one of my biases, so I’ve been looking forward to this album since it was announced last December. Besides Hui, I also favor Kino and Jinho, but overall, I love every member of PENTAGON. Hence, it quite vexed me that Kino suddenly released a single on January 8; I’m following him on Instagram, and I’m updated with his affairs, but I thought that he was only modeling (dumb me). Anyhow, stay tuned for my song review for Kino’s “Fashion Style.” But yeah,…