Davao Blog Awards 2018 Nominations

    Hi everyone! If you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve always repeated writing about my experiences this year–being socially-aware and how I overcame the struggle, the greatest adversity I’ve experienced in my life, and also about the things I’m thankful for. I have always mentioned that joining the Davao Bloggers Society has really made a positive change in my mental health. I’m truly grateful for their warm welcome and all the fun and positivity that each member has showered me throughout the months that I have been active within the organization. To be honest, I’m still not confident in being called a blogger. I also don’t have confidence in my social…


    Goodbye, My Activist Sensibilities

    This is the blog post wherein I’m slowly saying goodbye to my activist sensibilities and embracing pragmatism in my life. There are times when I like to think that I’m a Purist. In fact, it’s far from the truth. Purism means that the way you should think and act adheres to what you believe in. Strictly unadulterated and transparent. No ifs, no buts. It’s all-or-nothing. So far in my living existence in this world, I don’t know of any human who is strictly following Purism. I recently blogged about how my activism got amplified to the highest level. I realized that I’ve always been an activist. Not as hardcore as…


    Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

    I’d be honest. Before I went active in blogging again, I thought it was too late. Many of the people I’m exposed to aren’t really akin to reading. Or maybe those that are just dominant prefer vlogs over blogs. However, it was only after I joined WordPress that I realized that Blogging is very much alive. There are a million people who write and read. I’m glad that I have found a community here. I would like to thank Currently Apple for this Sunshine Blogger award nomination. I promised Currently Apple that I would answer her 11 questions. I somehow feel like a celebrity now. LOL Here it goes: 1.…


    Circa 2016-2017: Activism Amplified

    How on earth did a consumerist pig and a highly extroverted person like me get my activism/activist sensibilities? Nope, it’s not because of my UP Education. My Trip to Ayutthaya In June of 2015, I had a trip to Thailand. As a highly paradoxical country, Bangkok offers a wide range of activities that every tourist can enjoy. After all the wild partying in Bangkok, I spent my last day in the Mecca that is Ayutthaya. In spite of the tourist commotions, the caretakers of Ayutthaya have maintained its Peace and Divinity as one of the Unesco World Heritage sites. Visiting each of the temples denuded some madness in me. Such…


    Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

    Upon opening my WordPress app on the first day of October–I was surprised when a blog comment notification showed up from Dear Kitty. Some Blog. She told me that I have a Real Neat Blog Award Nomination. Since I was a nominee, she has 7 questions for me to answer. 1. Where do most visits to your blog come from? Most visits come from my country, the Philippines, narrowing down to my city, Davao, then narrowing down more to the org which I’m very proud to be part of, the Davao Bloggers Society, and also visits from my friends, whom I’m expecting much support. Yes, when you start a blog…

  • I manifested money miraculously

    How I Manifested Money Miraculously

    In the past few weeks, I have been reading more about positivity and the law of attraction, almost like being obsessed with it. I meditated a lot, I listened and read about it via the masters like Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks, and the like, and heard/read a lot of miraculous manifestations of regular people, but never did I ever expect that I was about to have my own miracle! I manifested money miraculously, 100GBP, for free! This year started tumultuously for me. I experienced a massive setback in my business which I had no control over because it was on a macro scale (i.e., gov’t regulations). I had to be…

  • Don't Take Anything For Granted.

    A Friendly Reminder: Don’t Take Anything For Granted.

    Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t take anyone for granted. It’s cliché, but with every life cycle, we forget to remember the great people and things that happen to us–until adversity strikes our lives. For the past two months, I’ve recently had a lot of breakdowns (like that of Jaclyn Jose’s famous breakdown scene in Ma’Rosa) because there have been setbacks in my business that I have no control over. As strong as I am, I remained calm and did all I can to solve my problem. As of this writing, it’s not yet over, but everything seems to slowly fall into place, and I’m thankful for that. I also…


    I’m Banned from Shopping for 30 Days!

    I am riddled with guilt. I don’t know what it is during June and July that my whole spirit makes me go online or to the malls to look for stuff to buy. I tell you, it’s not only because of the mall-wide sales. During these months for the past years, I almost exclusively buy stuff online and on thrift shops (most of which aren’t really on sale). I’ve also been rummaging through my closets and realize how much stuff I bought is unused. I gave more than 150 things to charity already last week (not counting the stuff I gave last year and early this year), but I think…



      Hail all our teachers and informants they fight It’s all about blue no yellow in space for them Aren’t they enough inspiration? We’re fixated on the issues Yet we’re still couch potatoes In fact, we add up to these noises We’re like popes enthroning the kings and queens We don’t have everything and we crave for more But we’re in the midst of two extremes That’s what makes us more explosive C’mon let’s make our bombs and not theirs explode Maybe we’ll be the next to shed our tears or worst turn into zombies with just a move But isn’t it better than letting the divas eat our bread?