My First Experience with Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection

Pictures by Clea B. Blog. There were moments in my life that I tried to pull-off an Alicia Keys (bare-faced anywhere, everyday) due to my bestfriend’s challenge. I was half-hearted, but I still did it! I tried being confidently beautiful with my bareface. However, for someone like me who has thin brows (close to no hair strokes), pulling off an Alicia Keys was not suggested. I … Continue reading My First Experience with Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection

Ditch the DIYs and #SwitchtoHeySugar

When sugar waxing became popular, many women ditched the razor because using them won’t make us completely get rid of unwanted hair. It may also damage our skin. On the other hand, sugar waxing frequently would make your hair grow less and moisturize our skin. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m all about sustainability and saving up. I’m the kind of … Continue reading Ditch the DIYs and #SwitchtoHeySugar