Bonding with my oneesan’s @ Abreeza Mall

Last time I saw my unni’s was like 2 months ago, so we headed to Abreeza mall to catch up with each other. I wore this vintage top I asked from my grandmother (she used to wear it in the 60’s!) to get this Alexa Chung style (I soo love her)! Interested in the bag and shoes? You can get it here. With Ces un-ni … Continue reading Bonding with my oneesan’s @ Abreeza Mall

Korean Food Craze: Kimchi

Update: This restaurant is already closed. I have tried every Korean restaurant here in Davao City. I believe that they’re incomparable to the restaurants in Seoul, or maybe in the Southern and more remote areas in Korea where the natives claim the best and most authentic Korean dishes can be found. However, I now proclaim that I’m already loving the Korean dishes that the restaurants … Continue reading Korean Food Craze: Kimchi


One instance. “Hey I really dig your band! I can’t wait to see you play again! Hmm.. But, where’s Lianna?”, one of our band’s new friends asked me during a meeting-slash worship before another YFC musicfest. “Umm…Well..Uh.. I think she’s on her way. Just wait for her. If ever she’s not going to make it, well maybe there’s a good reason behind her not coming.” … Continue reading Lianna

We Need Rapture

My head’s not spinning Why isn’t it? Almost everything under the sun’s not participating Don’t make me lose control Coz in just a minute it will happen I need something Coz I can’t tear myself away Everyone’s gonna sell their gravity Coz they wanna be in rapture Inside us there’s this longing It’s like changing tedium to pleasure and lowering their suffering that’s all they … Continue reading We Need Rapture