Citizen Jake: on Activism, Pessimism, and the Corleones

I was really excited to watch Citizen Jake because first of all, one of my favorite directors from what I believe the Golden age of the Philippine cinema is (during the 70s to 80s), Mike de Leon, directed it. It’s his first film after 18 years, the last one being Bayaning 3rd World, which is one of my favorites. Among the greatest directors in the … Continue reading Citizen Jake: on Activism, Pessimism, and the Corleones

DP2: How Wade came to be my favourite superhero

This blog post contains spoilers, but don’t worry, each sentence/paragraph has a warning. I am no comic book superhero fan. Nor do I ever put their movie franchises on a pedestal. I even criticize them, to the point of finding unexpected pleasure of watching them just a few days short of their premiere. I find it really fulfilling that I could detect their political agendas–which … Continue reading DP2: How Wade came to be my favourite superhero

Vote in the Barangay Elections

It’s quite unfair that we prioritize our national elections than our barangay election when it all starts micro and small. You might not know what’ll happen to your street or household that need barangay help. 2 yrs ago, a strange man had been lurking around our residence at around 12mn for 3 consecutive days, with a flashlight in hand. A week later, he came back … Continue reading Vote in the Barangay Elections

How I manifested 100GBP almost miraculously

In the past few weeks, I have been reading more about positivity and the law of attraction, almost like being obsessed with it. I meditated a lot, I listened and read about it via the masters like Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks, and the like, and listened/read a lot of miraculous manifestations of regular people, but never did I ever expect that I was about to … Continue reading How I manifested 100GBP almost miraculously

Don’t take anything for granted.

Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. It’s cliché, but with every life cycle, we forget to remember the great people and things that happen to us–until adversity strikes our lives. For the past two months, I’ve recently had a lot of breakdowns (like that of Jaclyn Jose’s famous breakdown scene in Ma’Rosa) because there have been setbacks in my business which I have no … Continue reading Don’t take anything for granted.

I’m banned from shopping for 30 days!

I am riddled with guilt. I don’t know what it is during the months of June and July that my whole spirit makes me go online or to the malls to look for stuff to buy. I tell you, it’s not only because of the mallwide sales. During these months for the past years I almost only buy stuff online and on thrift shops (most … Continue reading I’m banned from shopping for 30 days!

Love Wins!

I just had to. In celebration of Love, Courage, Commitment, and Decision that transcend Religion, Race, Culture, and Sexuality. Just like the film “Happy Together” by Wong Kar-Wai, I don’t speak of sexuality, but the rollercoaster that is love, in general.  Believe me I try to understand what a lot of people who are against this stand for and even take into consideration the issue … Continue reading Love Wins!


Hail all our teachers and informants they fight It’s all about blue no yellow in space for them Aren’t they enough inspiration? We’re fixated on the issues Yet we’re still couch potatoes In fact, we add up to these noises We’re like popes enthroning the kings and queens We don’t have everything and we crave for more But we’re in the midst of two extremes … Continue reading Yellow