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My Boyish Days Are Over

Why don’t I get over this pants And I’ll put on that skirt right now When I was a kid I used to go out and play with boys My parents thought I was a t-bird But little did they know I dreamed to be like Beauty Wake up, be kissed, and wander away But I’m about to rock the […]

Maria Rocks an All-Girl school!

Female students get to be more participative and achieve more in all-girl schools. Female students get to be more participative and active in all-girl schools than in co-educational schools. In all-girl schools, the girls take over all the positions of leadership in school whether it’s drama, sports, yearbook, or the debate team. In our society, we are still experiencing male […]


Kinetic energy’s all over me She’s going round and round And soon will be here Time will let us do this thing again and again, again and again Time will make us do this again But she’s gonna get me She’s gonna get me Electrical charges please convert And why don’t you just shut up Go find a way In […]


One instance. “Hey I really dig your band! I can’t wait to see you play again! Hmm.. But, where’s Lianna?”, one of our band’s new friends asked me during a meeting-slash worship before another YFC musicfest. “Umm…Well..Uh.. I think she’s on her way. Just wait for her. If ever she’s not going to make it, well maybe there’s a good […]

Anno Domini

It has always been my dream to be in a band. Way back in 1st and 2nd year in High School, I would imagine myself performing in front of a crowd and rocking the night away. I thought that dream will only be a dream forever. I never had connections and I didn’t even have a close friend who knows […]

Reflections on Communication

Communication: Self-expression and Understanding Communication is an act or process of self-expression and interaction among individuals with a common understanding. By communicating, we can show who we truly are and express our feelings towards a person. We get to interact with people and develop our social life. We communicate in different ways that each of us understand and use in […]

We Need Rapture

My head’s not spinning Why isn’t it? Almost everything under the sun’s not participating Don’t make me lose control Coz in just a minute it will happen I need something Coz I can’t tear myself away Everyone’s gonna sell their gravity Coz they wanna be in rapture Inside us there’s this longing It’s like changing tedium to pleasure and lowering […]


Baby now I’ll go to a place I’ve always seen And how will you remember If we ever met before This place is playing its game on us but I know deep in our hearts we say Hello hello hello Or goodbye This first love will find its way and never will it fade away These tears in my eyes […]