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Welcome to my Portfolio. Here’s where I put all the things I have done for several businesses.

  1. The Pop Blog by NeP-C Ledesma: Link
  2. Electricmoi, a personal blog by NeP-C Ledesma: Link
  3. Service Pages for Laneways.Agency: Link
  4. Blog Articles for AXMasonry: Link
  5. Blog Articles for Filo Artisan Trade: Link
  6. Instagram Captions for Korean Cravings: Link
  7. Instagram Image and Text Captions for Urban Diet: Link
  8. Facebook Marketing and Posts for Gourmet Unnie: Link
  9. Product Banners for Korean Cravings: Link
  10. Strategic Marketing Promotions for Korean Cravings: Link
  11. Promotional Materials for Korean Cravings products: Link
  12. Holiday Promotional Materials for Korean Cravings: Link
  13. Notice Posts for Korean Cravings: Link
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