Welcome to my Portfolio. Here’s where I put all the things I have done for several businesses.

  1. The Pop Blog by NeP-C Ledesma: Link
  2. Korean Cravings website and copy of its pages (Home, About Us, FAQ, Terms and Conditions)
  3. Gourmet Unnie website and copy of its pages (Home, FAQ, Media)
  4. Electricmoi, a personal blog by NeP-C Ledesma: Link
  5. MCSV Tech Freelance Articles: Link
  6. Davao Bloggers Society Feature Articles: Link
  7. Service Pages for Laneways.Agency: Link
  8. Blog Articles for AXMasonry: Link
  9. Feature Articles for Filo Artisan Trade: Link
  10. Instagram Captions for Korean Cravings: Link
  11. Instagram Image and Text Captions for Urban Diet: Link
  12. Facebook Marketing and Posts for Gourmet Unnie: Link
  13. Instagram Marketing and Posts for Gourmet Unnie: Link
  14. Product Banners for Korean Cravings: Link
  15. Strategic Marketing Promotions for Korean Cravings: Link
  16. Promotional Materials for Korean Cravings products: Link
  17. Holiday Promotional Materials for Korean Cravings: Link
  18. Notice Posts for Korean Cravings: Link
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