9 Reasons Why I Have Beautiful Skin

I am no beauty guru or beauty blogger, but I’ve been asked what products I use to have this skin. It’s not perfect; I actually have some little warts (darn I have to get rid of them). I also get acne at times especially before my period or if I feel like going barefaced when I’m out (Yes, I do an Alicia Keys sometimes). However, some friends of mine ask the reasons why I have beautiful skin, and that’s what this blog post is about.

I don’t intend to humblebrag, but honestly, I have not been taking care of my skin as much as people expect me to. I have hoarded some products like eye creams and facial masks, but I rarely use them. I also had to get my milia and syringoma extracted via a beauty procedure last year. They were formed on my eyelids because of some leftover makeup that should’ve been cleaned up thoroughly (too much laziness and carelessness there).

I’ve just been receiving some compliments about my skin lately, so I decided to share the (natural) reasons why I have this skin and some of the products I use. Note that I’m one of those lucky girls that don’t have sensitive skin. Most of the products I try using don’t have detrimental effects on me (at least in the short term, ‘coz we never know LOL).

9 Reasons Why I Have Beautiful Skin
I got complimented by my BFF that I have glass skin on this photo.

8 Reasons Why I Have Beautiful Skin

  1. I got it from my momma.
    Of course, Genetics plays a huge part. I won’t dig deep anymore, but of course, there are ways to actually battle this out.

2. Water Therapy
I’m a hypocrite for posting this because honestly, there are times when I don’t get to drink a lot of water as I should. Our house is divided into two, and I have to cross to the other house (under the heat of the sunlight or in the middle of the scary night) to get to our kitchen, but once I do, I consume 1-2 liters of water in one sitting. I don’t put a highlighter on my face anymore, but it seems like I do. Water is the culprit.

3. Get more zzz
This need not be explained. When I don’t get enough sleep, my skin actually dries out a lot.

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4. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
My skin started improving in 2010 when I started using this BB Cream. In South Korea, BB creams are considered skincare, not makeup, so there is really sort of healing properties in this product. It’s also very long-lasting compared to other BB creams. I highly recommend it.

9 Reasons Why I Have Beautiful Skin: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
As much as I’d like to promote local products, I wanna be fair to our skin. This bb cream should be a beauty staple for everyone. Oops, I’m almost running out of it; time to buy a new one.

5. Sunscreen and less sun exposure
I don’t go out of the house often. This is not a tip okay? Always being indoors and not being exposed to the world and nature can actually cause some sickness, like flu. However, as expected with people in the tropics, I don’t go out under the heat of the sun very often. It’s also one of the reasons why my skin significantly improved after graduating from college. However, an exception is going out at 6-8 am as it can get you some Vitamin D.

Whenever I have to cross our house under the heat of the sun to get some lunch or answer deliverymen, I make it a point to put some sunscreen even when I’m indoors most of the time. What I currently use is this Israeli product my mom’s friend gave me.

6. I use fewer products
We’re giving our skin a favor if we put fewer products on it. The natural, the better (although there might be some exceptions). I tried doing the 10-step Korean skincare routine in 2013 for a month (it was tiring!), but it didn’t really make a difference on my skin. Some of you might think that I use a lot of products already, but on a “kikay” level, this is actually just level 1.

9 Reasons Why I Have Beautiful Skin

7. No stress
I’ve been talking about some adversities and about handling and overcoming depression on this blog, but being depressed and stressed out are entirely two different things. There was a time when I became so tense (still different from stress), but it manifested differently. It even made my skin better because I was releasing toxins.

I don’t overwork. I still have my business, but due to my trauma about it, I rarely hustle. Yes, I have to, but I make sure that I don’t overdo it. I take breaks every 25 minutes and find time to relax or go social.

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8. I don’t overthink about my skin
I’m not saying that I don’t care about my skin, but according to the New Age Philosophy, being attached to a thing makes it repel from you even more. If you’re too obsessed with skincare, what manifests is more obsession, and that won’t make you get rid of your skin problems. I have experienced this last year–due to my back acne, but thankfully, I got rid of it already (I’ll tell you how in another post). I know it’s tough to relax when you have acne or whatever skin problem, but try to relax and don’t overthink it. Obsessing and overthinking about it will only make it worse.

9. I watch K-Pop and K-Drama girls a lot.
Alright, this may seem weird, but I actually believe that being exposed to girls with great skin can influence your state of mind. Again, I don’t necessarily use the products they use but just focusing on these girls can really help you, in connection to the law of attraction. You attract what you focus on. Yeah, I know many people focus on them too but don’t seem to improve on the facial department. Combine this tip with some of my suggestions above. I believe they’ll really help. Believe me, okay?

Skincare Products I Use + My Skincare Routine

Since I have shared the 9 reasons why I have beautiful skin, it’s just apt to share more of the products I use and my skincare. They may not necessarily work for you, but I’m confident that some of them will.

Another beauty staple that has many uses. Google its other benefits.

1. If I’m just home, upon waking up, I wash my face with a gentle soap (I use cucumber soap or this beauty soap my niece from Australia sent out; it’s a basic soap, not one of those that can cure skin problems or whitening thing)

2. If I just got home from going out, I use the Biore cleansing oil my BFF gifted me to remove makeup. You can actually also use natural cleansing oils for makeup removal. I just won this Hairfood Co. Tsubaki oil, and I plan to use it as a makeup remover when the Biore runs out. After that, I use a gentle soap again (just a very minimal amount).

3. I use the Human♥Nature Hydrating face toner after cleansing, but to be honest, I skip it sometimes.

4. After toning, I use the Nivea creme on my face. Very basic, but this cream really works.

5. After that, I put Home health castor oil on my eyebrows (I skip it sometimes LOL)

6. For my lips, I don’t forget to put Lucas Papaw before going to bed. My lips swear by it.

Make-up products I currently use:

I’m promoting this brand because it’s local, organic, cruelty-free, and long-lasting, at the same time! Kudos to its makers (hailing from Nabunturan)

Before putting BB cream, I use aloe vera soothing gel. After that, I go ahead with the Missha BB Cream. It’s really long-lasting, but if I’m going to be out for more than 8 hours, I also use Ever Bilena foundation on top of it (it’s really cheap but effective for me). I also use Ever Bilena eyebrow liner. Then I use the Kiss and Tell lip and cheek tint for my blush.

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Before putting on lipstick, I use lip balm first. I currently have EOS lemon lip balm because of its SPF content, but when it runs out, I plan on buying something from Healthy Options, with extra SPF. My lipsticks vary. I have Maybelline, Loreal, Rimmel, etc., most of which were only gifted to me.

Those are the reasons why I have beautiful skin. I hope that you have learned a lot of things. Feel free to comment if you have any other product alternatives (especially local ones) or anything you would like to ask or add.

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