• Little Actions and Promises I'm Making Today for a Better Tomorrow

    Little Actions and Promises I’m Making Today for a Better Tomorrow

    This is the blog diary wherein I am proclaiming to myself, whether someone gets to read this or not, that I will be consistently doing meaningful stuff that will improve my motivation not just in work, but in life in general. If that rings a bell, then maybe you can do these things as well. This will be the first of the series of blogs I write after experimenting with these actions for a better tomorrow. I don’t consider myself as still having emotional and mental issues, but to be honest, I always tend to think of thoughts that are not appropriate for my brain. It’s way impossible to let…

  • I manifested money miraculously

    How I Manifested Money Miraculously

    In the past few weeks, I have been reading more about positivity and the law of attraction, almost like being obsessed with it. I meditated a lot, I listened and read about it via the masters like Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks, and the like, and heard/read a lot of miraculous manifestations of regular people, but never did I ever expect that I was about to have my own miracle! I manifested money miraculously, 100GBP, for free! This year started tumultuously for me. I experienced a massive setback in my business which I had no control over because it was on a macro scale (i.e., gov’t regulations). I had to be…

  • Don't Take Anything For Granted.

    A Friendly Reminder: Don’t Take Anything For Granted.

    Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t take anyone for granted. It’s cliché, but with every life cycle, we forget to remember the great people and things that happen to us–until adversity strikes our lives. For the past two months, I’ve recently had a lot of breakdowns (like that of Jaclyn Jose’s famous breakdown scene in Ma’Rosa) because there have been setbacks in my business that I have no control over. As strong as I am, I remained calm and did all I can to solve my problem. As of this writing, it’s not yet over, but everything seems to slowly fall into place, and I’m thankful for that. I also…