Asa man ko gikan beh?

Who am I? hmm.. I have been struggling to answer this questions for many years now. Actually, I am always forced to answer this question for several reflection papers, etc, but for now, I am gonna answer it because I just wanna ask myself. Maybe change it to What am I? hehehe Anyway, I wanna share things about me.

Usa ko nga ulay nga gidaman sa panginabuhi dire sa kalibutan. Gituring kong anyuswal sa tanan; maglibog sila kung unsa bajud ang akong persunalidad. wala ko’y buot; lain2x akong gidapit Wala nako’y ginahimo sa kinabuhi kundi magmoony-moony og magsoundtrip. Asa badaw ko gikan?

The paragraph above is what i always put in my several accounts in friendster, myspace,etc. I think that paragraph is really simple and it really says who I am. In short, wa jud siya’y libog. I want to discuss all the sentences and lines that are in that paragraph.

Before I discuss the lines, I wanna tell you first that it is in Bisaya, because Bisaya is my first language, I was born with that language, and It’s the only the language that truly makes me feel I am free.

Usa ko nga ulay nga gidaman sa panginabuhi dire sa kalibutan; Gituring kong anyuswal sa tanan maglibog sila kung unsa bajud ang akong persunalidad: I am a virgin and I’m proud to be – especially when I join youth religious activities and promote those campaigns of 100% purity among teens…I am one of the few who feel proud that they follow God’s will…hahahar… I always wander away- not only figuratively, but also literally. I am a weirdo. It may not show at once, but if you really get to know me, you will really think how inconsistent I am in my ways. I am very unpredictable..go and ask my close friends in the block, there would be times that I am hyper, timid. There are times that I just stare blankly at space and ignore my friends..There are times that I suddenly burst into an aggressive song and my friends would be shocked on what’s really going on my mind. I also have several friends – of different’s really a good things that I can go with their completely different personalities.

Wala ko’y buot – I am but a child. Please pardon me for still being one.

Lain2x akong gidapit – this is related to what i said about me having several friends of different personalities which I already explained above… Another is that I am actually neutral everytime, especially when it comes to friends- in order not to hurt the other. These 2 frends of mine are in war, and they share to me bad things about it other, but they know naman that I’m still friends with the other’s a good thing that they don’t care, well I just listen to their backbites, I don’t react, and I don’t say a bad thing to the other..Of course, If I will, they will think that If I’m with the other one, I am also backbiting her. Anyway, I find ways naman so that they’ll be friends again…hahay

Wala nako’y ginahimo sa kinabuhi kundi magmoony-moony og magsoundtrip – wala nako’y ginahimo is an exaggeration. Of course, I study, I go to gimmicks, I talk…but I just emphasized Moony-moony og soundtrip to emphasize my weirdness..hehe and also because pagmoony-moony and pagsoundtrip are the things that I almost always do and I love doing…

Asa badaw ko gikan? – answer that question…..Ü

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