Feeding my Mind at a Low Price.

Today I’m introducing you to one of my most favorite online shops on Multiply: Surprises of out Boxes Bookstore! I found out about this shop through a person who added our shop (I usually check out their profiles and this particular person uploaded her collection).

The moment I checked out Surprises of out Boxes, I knew it was a gift from the universe. I get hyped up every time I find a book I’m interested in in each of the shop’s photo albums. I know a lot of us book-lovers really have a hard time having to save up or spending our entire allowance or salaries for the books we want. Now, I found this book haven that doesn’t just have almost all the books we want and need, but offers them at really low prices..

I first thought that pre-loved books were only for sale because of the cheap prices, but you can also get brand new books at lower rates than what are being sold in the market. They also have several discounted books. In fact, they almost always have a sale, with some of books you cannot even imagine being sold at P60 and below. Their worth is so much cheaper for their value. How cool is that?

Ten Soliman, the owner, has such great customer service. She’s very nice and she keeps you up to date. What I also love about her is that she accepts requests and keeps track of them. In fact, I requested for several books months before and thought that those requests were already taken for granted, but I was wrong. Miss Ten updated me right away after she was able to acquire those books I requested for.

Aside from that, she offers Free Shipping when all your ordered books reach P1200. You can also reserve the books you want and she will keep them in a virtual bookshelf or pile (there’s an album for that) where she keeps your reserved books before you checkout or reach P1200. I usually do this to be able to avail of the free shipping, except for those times that I needed to give some of the books as presents asap.

Here are the books that I bought (excluding those I gave as gifts):

These books by Vonnegut were in my top 10 wishlist for books. I finally got them without having to pay much on Ebay (I almost ordered one of them there).

I never really wanted to get “The Alchemist”, but since it was sold for just P170, it didn’t hurt. Plus, everyone says it’s a must-have.

I was supposed to give “Everyman” as a gift to my friend Kristian before he leaves for SG and stay there for good. However, he said he’ll just stay there for 3 weeks. I’ll just save it for him or for any guy friend who’ll leave the country for good. Hahar.

This is one book that I’ve been wanting to read since high school, but I couldn’t find any copy in the city until 2009. I was about to buy it in National Bookstore for P99 (the mass produced series by Penguin), but my BFF stopped me and said that he would just lend me his copy. Come 2010, he lost his copy, so I requested Miss Ten for this. I bought this for P180. Yes, the Penguin edition was almost 50% cheaper, but Miss Ten gave me the vintage (and quite rare) edition! This edition is a lot more reader-friendly, so it still has more value than the Penguin edition.

Another book I never intended to buy. I bought this all-in-one Ebay guide for just P250. Good deal, isn’t it? Not that I was just lured by the cheapness of the price, this is also really helpful for my business since I also operate on Ebay, so it is of great value to me.

These books are a must-have for every entrepreneur out there. I frequent the bookstores in the city, and books like these are some of the most expensive ones, but I got these three at really cheap prices (almost 95% less than what are being sold in the market).

After stumbling upon this book on the August batch upload of Miss Ten, I knew I had to get it. When I was in grade school and in early high school, I was very much into writing, but in 3rd year high school onwards, I just lost interest, inspiration, and changed my priorities that I never got to improve much in this area.

It was like a call from my subconscious that Miss Ten put this on sale. Weeks before I found this on her listing, my mama talked about how my late grandmother knew that it was my papa who she will marry. That topic really got into me that I started thinking more about it and realized that my mama also had hunches regarding who my true and most loyal friends were. She was right. That made me think that maybe mothers really have this special “feeling” power when it comes to what their children or husbands are up to.

This book made it much more interesting. We girls just really have to unleash it and this book tells us how.

After one of my friends introduced me to Andrew Matthews, I’ve been checking out self-help books. No matter how stubborn I was, self-help books really changed my mindset. I noticed that every time Miss Ten uploads new books every month, I’m always the first one to reserve self-help books.

To be honest I bought this book because it was on sale for P30. It is poorly-written (with all the grammatical errors and stuff), but I guess I learned a lot from it anyway.

This is my favorite! It felt like I bought it from National Bookstore or Fully-Booked. For P240, it’s as good as new. Plus, it opened me up to the infinite possibilities of creations via polymer clay.

I’ll review each of these books when I start to utilize at least 12% of my brain. Meanwhile, check out Surprises out of Boxes.

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