Online Shopping Madness: Monica’s Closet

Monica’s Closet is an all-around web shop that caters to every girly-girl’s needs. Well, it’s not like I’m girly, but sometimes I fall for all the kawaii stuff available in the market, especially if they’re for cheap and I dress up cute sometimes. Even though Monica’s closet offers a variety of goods, I was able to only get a few things since the clothes she offers aren’t my everyday style at all and the bottoms are quite small for my frame (I blame myself for being fat).

Here’s a rundown on what I have bought so far from Monica’s closet:

Her handmade accessories are to die for! I tell you, you can’t easily find these accessories in the market, and if you do, I think they’ll cost you a lot! This 4.5-inch ribbon only cost me P90.

All at P90, order yourself a bow or ribbon at any color and dimension you like. The black and white ones are bows and the pink one with blue polka dots in the middle is a ribbon.

This is me wearing the pink ribbon. This picture was taken at The Venetian Macau with the Moscow Juggling twins. I’ll post my summer trip to Macau and Hong Kong soon.

Another picture of me, but this time wearing my red detachable bow
which I think goes well with my shirt. Haha!

Here’s a dress that only cost me P200. I was actually enticed to buy it after browsing through my Popteen magazine! This dress is like a part Liz Lisa and other Japanese girly brands collection. The type of clothes that gyaru models like Kumicky and Mikipon wear.

There are a lot more items which are available at Monica’s Closet than what I have bought. I just checked out her collection again and there are new items available for cheap like tops, bottoms, bags, and more new accessories! It’s no doubt I’m going to send an order form again. Check out

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