My 5 Go-To Budget Meals on GrabFood

Now that society is slowly returning to normal, many of us are getting as busy or even busier than before the pandemic. The hustle culture is taking over, after the middle-class “chill” pandemic took over the world.

Because of all the hustle that’s going again, many people can no longer cook as much as they want to, so ordering food online is still commonplace. However, as convenient as they can be, they can still take a toll on our budgets. It’s a great thing that GrabFood introduced their Everyday Value Meals selection.

GrabFood’s Everyday Value Meals lets you go through food selection that starts at P99. The “Starts at P99” meal selection on GrabFood saves you a lot of time ‘coz if you only budget your meals to P150 or even lower, you don’t have to go through all the restaurants on the app.

My Top 5 Everyday Value Meals on GrabFood

Let me share my Top 5 Everyday Value Meals on GrabFood. There are times when I suddenly get hungry, but I’ve spent my too much money on costlier food, and other stuff. Hence, I mostly think about ordering the following meals. It’s a great thing that they’re a part of GrabFood’s value meal selection.

Leylam’s Shawarma Rice – P130

Leylam’s shawarma rice has always been a go-to meal for many people after doing errands or grocery shopping in malls around the city. It’s a great thing that I could just order it on GrabFood while I’m working or doing other chores. It’s always an instant decision to order the shawarma rice especially if you don’t wanna spend more than P150 for your lunch or dinner.

Buy 1 Take 1 Black Pepper Burger with chips and juice from Minute Burger – P163

Any Buy 1 Take 1 burger meal from Minute Burger is definitely one of the most satisfying and worthy of our expenditure meals that can be found on GrabFood. Minute Burger’s deals are cheap, delicious, and filling. Whether you’re sharing it with someone or eating it all by yourself, you can never go wrong ordering from Minute Burger!

Asado Chicken Noodle Soup from Mandarin Tea Garden – P173

A budget food list can never be without noodle soup or rice topping meals from Mandarin Tea Garden. I think the restaurant is one of the most affordable, scrumptious, and worth-your-money food destinations in the whole world. If you could only splurge on their selection of Chinese meals. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you can just grab yourself one of their noodle soups, and you’re good to go!

Cecil’s Cream Puff and Eclair – P40 each

Every sweet lover in Davao City knows that no one can ever beat Cecil’s signature Eclairs and Creampuffs. They’re so delicious, addicting, and even fabulous, without making you break the bank!

Cha Tu Chak’s Premium Cheesecake Milktea – P150

While I’m not as addicted to milk tea as I used to be, I cannot resist the ones from Cha Tu Chak. I was so pleased to find out that they opened branches here in the city for Davaoeños to enjoy. Best of all, the milk tea shop is available on GrabFood’s “Starts at P99” selection.

How to order from GrabFood’s “Start at P99” restaurant selection:

1. Download the Grab app on Play Store or on The App Store.

2. Open the Grab app.

3. Click Food

4. Look for “Starts at P99” at the top of the page and click it.

5. Choose from the restaurants.

And that’s it. Easy peasy, right? Again, what I love about this feature is that GrabFood has filtered out all the other restaurants which don’t offer meals that are within the P99 range.

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