Street Portraits Taken By realme 12 5G

So I’ve recently joined realme’s annual photowalk using their latest model, the realme 12 5G. This might be the first photo blog that I’ve product so far, because it will be photo-heavy.

So the photowalk started at almost 5pm, where the realme people divided all participants into groups. I was part of Route 1, Group 2, which started at Osmeña Park, heading to People’s Park, and finally at Poblacion.

Although the photowalk time was set during the golden hour, yesterday was cloudy. Nevertheless, we had the realme 12 5G to back us up in taking photos. I have mostly used the Maverick filter on the real me 12 5G because it’s the most cinematic one. Here are my shots:

Osmeña Park

People’s Park

Night mode


I applied a filter on this street mode (you can choose from more than 10 filters on the realme 12 5g).

As you can see, the quality of realme 12 5G is superb. Starting at 12,999PHP you get that, plus more. For more information visit https://www.realme.com/global/realme-12-5g

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