My Thoughts on Tech and the DEVCON Mindanao Tech 2024 Summit

Bridging Gaps with Technology: DEVCON Mindanao 2024 Recap + My Tech Insights

Attending the DEVCON Mindanao Summit last week reaffirmed my belief in the power of technology to weave societal solutions and drive change. The event, themed “Weaving Tech for All,” brought together several people in the tech industry, including developers, innovators, and industry leaders. They had one vision: to make Mindanao the next tech hub of the Philippines.

From what I’ve heard, Mindanao has the most virtual assistants or work-from-home people, which is no surprise. We have a lot of talents in the region, and many people have become so entrepreneurial that they are finding opportunities for themselves. We gained this power and confidence because of technology.

So technology, you may say, is currently trendy, and you’re right, but it has become so because of its power to propel not just businesses but also people, including the education and government sectors.

During the DEVCON Mindanao 2024, I caught a personal glimpse into Mindanao’s tech potential. Many passionate individuals attended the summit, and you can feel the energy. Peng Sumargo, President of the DEVCON Davao Chapter and Mindanao Programs Co-lead, said, “We’re showcasing the best of the region and bringing the best to the region. This event is about creating a movement showcasing Mindanao’s innovations and opportunities.” I definitely loved what she said, as it highlighted her goals to empower Mindanao, showcase its innovations, create opportunities for people, and network with like-minded individuals.

The summit was organized by local DEVCON Chapters from Davao, CDO, Iligan, and Bukidnon and attended by tech experts across the Philippines. The event brought together diverse voices and expertise to inspire and equip Mindanao talent to drive technological advancement, which, in turn, drives economic growth.

Apart from that, the event also featured in-depth discussions on cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT. A startup pitch competition also commenced, showcasing the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drives of several independent organizations and startups across the country.

Silicon Valley veteran and DEVCON founder Winston Damarillo championed Mindanao’s potential. “We envision cultivating a robust tech talent pool in Mindanao, placing it at par with other regions in the Philippines,” Damarillo said.

A panel discussion about embracing technological practices in education. Photo by Clea Banal.

Technology for Industries: Education and Government

I’ve repeatedly said in this blog that I write for a tech company, so you know that I truly advocate integrating technology not just in business processes but also in our daily lives. There is a legion of benefits to embracing technology that solves humanity’s problems and protects workers. Tech promotes transparency, accountability, streamlined operations, and improved public services.

As mentioned, the DEVCON Mindanao 2024 was graced by several experts in the tech industry, education, and government. I’m relieved that many teachers and directors have realized that technology can revolutionize these industries. These days, traditional teaching methods already fall short of engaging students and catering to their individual learning needs. However, technology can provide students with personalized learning experiences and give them access to many resources and tools to make learning more effective.

The digital activities for young students in the ICT have proved that tech has improved students’ learning. Using online platforms has made learning more accessible and enjoyable for students, not just the young ones, but those of all ages. Technology also bridges the gap between socioeconomic backgrounds and ensures that every student has the opportunity to learn and grow. Like myself, I was able to sort of attend Ivy League universities through the online learning app Coursera. During the Devcon summit, I was amazed by how several teachers and tech innovators collaborate to develop solutions that transform classrooms and other educational institutions in Mindanao.

My fellow bloggers and I had a great time at the DEVCON Mindanao 2024

Renato Solidum, Jr., our country’s Secretary of Science and Technology, also graced the event and raised awareness about how the Philippines is one of the riskiest places on earth regarding earthquakes and other natural disasters. The first step to introducing solutions to problems like this is to be aware of all these occurrences.

Disaster risks and sustainability, however farout-sounding they may be, are data problems. How is that so? That’s because the lack of clean, comprehensive, standardized data often leads to inaccurate reporting. Fragmented and unreliable data make assessing real environmental and social impacts challenging, while the high data collection costs and limited accessibility will hinder transparency. It makes it hard for the government to solve and prevent a crucial problem. And technology, like cloud-based and AI predictions, can help address these problems, fast-tracking and streamlining its possible solutions.

A Call to Action

You cannot convince me more about the transformative power of technology, as I am already part of the tech industry. However, those outside the industry should already embrace tech because of this idea that reigns true above all: Every company and organization is now a tech company/organization. Everyone should be able to shape environments that encourage innovation. For all of us, it means advocating and supporting initiatives that drive technological advancement, which links to sustainability.

The DEVCON Mindanao 2024 was proof that something can be achieved when people with a shared vision come together. I’m hoping that more people are aware of the power and resources that tech provides the world. It also reminded me that the future is not something that we wait for; it is something we create. I’m also very thankful for all the opportunities that technology has given me for more than 10 years now.

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