One instance.
“Hey I really dig your band! I can’t wait to see you play again! Hmm.. But, where’s Lianna?”, one of our band’s new friends asked me during a meeting-slash worship before another YFC musicfest.
“Umm…Well..Uh.. I think she’s on her way. Just wait for her. If ever she’s not going to make it, well maybe there’s a good reason behind her not coming.” I told our friend.
Another instance.
“Nep-c, it’s a good thing that you were able to attend this meeting for us competitors. Where’s your other bandmates? Oh, that Lianna, your bassist. Where is she? Aren’t your bandmates gonna attend this meeting?” another new friend asked me.
“Umm…Lianna.. She won’t go. I think her mom didn’t allow her to.I told that friend. (Obviously, he was only asking about Lianna and not about my other bandmates, so I only answered about Lianna)”
“Ah..Ok..Her mom is really that strict huh?”

Lianna isn’t really interested in going to these meetings and worship days before the real battles and being active in the YFC. YFC has it’s way of getting members by having several competitions, and with these competitions, the Non-YFCs get to worship and praise God and be YFCs. Of course, all of the YFCs want us to join them and be one of them, but Lianna and even my other bandmates are not interested. Their only interest was to join the competitions.

Anyway, back to Lianna. Lianna has lots of fans. Everyone looks for her. There was even this time when this girl asked me where she is. I answered “I don’t know” again, and she stared at me for like, 6 seconds. It was like she was really mad that I was the one in there instead of Lianna. I just didn’t mind the girl. Well, there are actually a lot of times that that happens. It happens not only to me but also to my other bandmates.

When our band was still looking for a bassist, there were already a lot of prospects. Lianna was one of them. At first, I was a bit hesitant of getting her because we still didn’t know her and she even can’t play the bass, but I suddenly changed my mind upon realizing that we need someone pretty and appealing so that our band can make it, aside form our playing of course, and Lianna was interested, so I thought that she’ll learn how to play the bass in no time.

Lianna’s looks are almost perfect. She has a fair complexion. She has brown eyes and very red lips. Her beauty will make Cinderella or Snow White run for their shoes. Lianna doesn’t really have a good posture, and she acts a bit weird, that doesn’t turn the boys off. She has this very inevitable charm and appeal. Everywhere we go, people would always stop and stare at her. Even us girls can’t help but stare. It’s not that we’re lesbians or something, it’s just that we can’t help it. She’s really pretty.

I can say that she was one of the reasons why our band was able to make it. Sure, we have all the talents, and the fact that we’re an all-girl band is very cute and marketable, I still think that Lianna played a very big part of getting us to be recognized.

There is this popular band in the independent scene who asked us if we could front them in their next gig. Of course we loved it! False Alarm! Wee! We were so flattered, but I realized something. I realized that maybe they asked us to front them because we were girls and that they like someone in our band. We were not good for the independent scene and we were not good and experienced enough to get to front False Alarm. We only have one unfinished composition and we covered the same songs again and again for the YFC Competition, and the songs we cover were in the mainstream.

Later that day when they asked us, I went through Friendster and checked my friends’ profiles including Lianna’s. False Alarm wrote her a testimonial that said, “Hehe..Si Lianna..Gwapa kaayo ni siya. Bassist ni sa Anno Domini. Crush kaayo ni ni toooot, among ____ basta!! Hehehe…” Upon reading that, i concluded my suspicion. In the end, we were not able to front False Alarm. We heard that they got another new band who has a lot of compositions and who played indie music. I learned from my friend that one of the organizers of their gig was mad because False Alarm asked our band to front for them. Yes, we can get the crowd, but our image and music isn’t fit to be able to front them.

Obviously, I was right. Lianna was the only reason why they asked us to front them. Even though this was a tragic experience, I can still say that this is a proof why getting a pretty bandmate is really advantageous.

I think Lianna’s beauty is not making her feel that good everytime. There was this moment where she shared to us something about one of her admirers. Of course we were so excited and we kept teasing her about it. Lianna told us that Sir Sammy was texting her. Sir Sammy was the manager of Better Components (a music store) who told us that we’re a great band and that we can just contact him if we want to play in MTS or in any bar we want. He actually asked for our numbers because he’s going to contact us, but upon hearing Lianna’s story, we were so shocked! The asking of the numbers was only a plot to get Lianna’s number and text her! Eew! He texted Lianna a lot of weird stuffs about his love for her. After that, Lianna changed her SIM.

Well, that wasn’t the only the disadvantage of Lianna’s beauty and charm. We never knew and expected that our own musical director, and the father of our drummer has a hidden desire for Lianna. The father was very kind and generous to all of us, but there are times that he acted very weird and had mood swings. He was actually the reason why we disbanded. He pulled each member of the band out of the band if he didn’t like us or if we were not able to the band’s practices or events. We understood his reasons, but at some point, it was Lianna who actually disobeyed him and his rules all the time. He wasn’t even in good terms with Lianna’s mom. He told us that the reason why he would not pull Lianna out of the band is because Lianna is a problematic child and that she loved the band so much that maybe she would kill herself if she would be pulled out in the band.

True enough reason, but I know that there was a reason behind that. 3 months after I got pulled out, I learned that Lianna’s mom filed a case of Sexual Harassment against the father of our drummer. I knew it. He really has this Hidden Desire on Lianna.

Lianna’s doing great now. She has a boyfriend that I know all people approve on. My sister said that she isn’t that “hot” now in our high school, but I know that everywhere she goes, people still can’t help but stare at her. The more they stare, the more she gets beautiful.

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