Maria Rocks an All-Girl school!

Female students get to be more participative and achieve more in all-girl schools.

Female students get to be more participative and active in all-girl schools than in co-educational schools. In all-girl schools, the girls take over all the positions of leadership in school whether it’s drama, sports, yearbook, or the debate team. In our society, we are still experiencing male domination & bias, and female discrimination.

According to my research, boys dominate class discussions in co-ed schools. In all-girl schools, girls are freer to participate in class discussions. All-girl schools use teaching materials and textbooks without male bias. They emphasize feminism, at the same time teaching girls human rights and equality. Girls get to appreciate their gender better and they get to be more competitive and achievers.

As I grew up, I realized that in my teen years until now, my girl friends and I talk about boys all the time. Of course, for us teenage girls, it’s all about them (besides our favorite things like shopping, bonding, or our other trips). If there are boys in the school, there would be more excitement. True enough, but if girls are in a relationship with the boys and they are from the same school, there would be a lot of temptations during classes.

One is what I noticed with one of my friends and her boyfriend. During class hours, her boyfriend would sneak outside our classroom and call my friend. My friend would ask the permission of our teacher to go out. It really took a long time before my friend went back to the class so she missed a lot of points that my teacher said about the subject. There was even this time when they were caught and they got reprimanded by the teachers. It is the number one reason why my friend and his boyfriend got really low grades and even failed some.

In all-girl schools, girls can focus more in their schooling. Most of the all-girl schools I know and those that were mentioned to me aren’t boring at all even if all their schoolmates have the same gender as them. The girls still have something to look forward to during their breaks or their dismissal time. My father told me that many years ago when Ateneo de Davao and the Philippine Women’s College in Davao were still not co-educational schools, the boys make it a point to hang out outside PWC to look for girls.

A friend of mine who came from Ateneo de Cagayan told me that during breaks, they would climb the fences and walls that separated their school and an all-girt school just to see their crushes or look for new crushes. At least that happens only during their breaks so they would still be able to concentrate and participate in their classes. For some girls, instead of wasting their time on flirting or boy-watching, they can join extra-curricular activities which can improve their non-academic abilities.

During the first day of classes, girls can get more friends easily because they all have the same gender. There would be less awkwardness that when there are boys around. They can work together on activities easily. When talking about life and experiences, girls understand each other better because they go through the same experiences and can relate with one another. They will be able to comfort one another if there are problems. This can help them in their personal and spiritual lives and make them better persons. They will have good self-esteem and do well in their studies.

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