Bonding with my Oneesan’s @ Abreeza Mall

Last time I saw my unni’s was like 2 months ago, so we headed to Abreeza mall to catch up with each other.

I wore this vintage top I asked from my grandmother (she used to wear it in the 60’s!) to get this Alexa Chung style (I soo love her)! Interested in the bag and shoes? You can get it here.

With Ces un-ni (I love her Kyary look! Too bad she wasn’t able to put on her lenses)! In this pic, I tried to puff my cheeks to find out if I’d look cute in it (my ichiban Yuya likes girls who do so). Hahar! But I guess I failed. Ж-D

Since we’re Japophiles, we headed to Teriyaki Boy for Katsudon and Yogato! ≧◠◡◠≦

My favorite Ichigo Yogato. It’s the first time I ate it with Strawberry Drops (they’re almost always unavailable, so I had to choose an alternative topping for it). I kinda’ wished that the strawberry drops wasn’t available though. I didn’t like it. ὺ.ύ

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