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Northtown Center, Cabantian’s Latest Lifestyle Hub, has Finally Arrived

Northtown Center, Cabantian’s Latest Lifestyle Hub, has Finally Arrived

Cabantian in Davao City will witness an elevated lifestyle with the launch of Northtown Center, the first mixed-use development by Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev) in the area.

Northtown Center is situated in the Cabantian area of the Northtown township, marking Alsons Dev’s expansion into commercial developments. This move diversifies their portfolio while upholding their legacy of providing high-quality suburban havens for the people of Davao City.

Northtown Center, Cabantian's Latest Lifestyle Hub, has Finally Arrived

Northtown Center spans nine hectares and is a mixed-use development that integrates residential options with leisure, convenience, reliable institutions, and emergency support in a single location. It aims to provide the residents of Northtown and neighboring communities with a vibrant, balanced, and comprehensive lifestyle by blending the natural beauty of the countryside with the amenities of a bustling city.

Northtown Center is meticulously designed with a focus on nature and people. It aims to provide Cabantian residents with a green and refreshing environment where they can engage in activities such as shopping, dining, strolling, and cycling. Rosie Dominguez, the Executive Vice President of Alsons Dev, expressed the vision of creating a lively and cohesive hub that harmonizes the beauty of nature with modern comforts in a single destination.

Northtown Center, Cabantian's Latest Lifestyle Hub, has Finally Arrived

Northtown Center goes the extra mile to prioritize the safety and security of the neighborhood by accommodating the Public Safety and Security Complex (PSSC). Alsons Dev generously donated this facility to the Davao City Government in 2016. It stands as the nation’s first integrated safety and rescue facility, merging police, fire, and Central 911 stations into a single address. The strategic placement of the PSSC at the forefront of the development enables prompt emergency responses within the Cabantian community.

In collaboration with industry leaders, Alsons Dev is committed to providing a multitude of conveniences for the residents of Cabantian and neighboring communities. Their partnership with DoubleDragon Properties Corp. brings CityMall, Davao City’s inaugural branch, to Northtown Center. CityMall offers a diverse range of retail and dining options, including Davao’s first MerryMart branch and FoodWorld, a convenient destination that combines various favorites from the Jollibee Foods Corporation. Moreover, other lifestyle brands such as Free Life, FunNation, and Sugar Munch are set to join the lineup at Northtown Center in the near future.

Northtown Center, Cabantian's Latest Lifestyle Hub, has Finally Arrived

Miguel Dominguez, Director of Alsons Dev, expressed the significance of their partnership with CityMall and DoubleDragon Properties, stating that it enables them to deliver outstanding services to the residents of Cabantian. He further emphasized that these collaborations aim to enrich the living experience of Dabawenyos by providing everyday conveniences and easy access right at their doorstep.

Ferdinand Sia, President of DoubleDragon Properties Corp., shared his enthusiasm for the partnership with Alsons Dev. He expressed pride in opening CityMall’s inaugural branch in Davao City, specifically at Northtown Center. Sia also expressed eagerness to collaborate further with Alsons Dev for future developments in Mindanao.

Northtown Center, Cabantian's Latest Lifestyle Hub, has Finally Arrived

The opening of Northtown Center represents a significant milestone for both Davao City and Alsons Dev. With a legacy of delivering valuable and superior developments to Dabawenyos for over six decades, Alsons Dev has established itself as a trusted developer. Rosie Dominguez emphasized their commitment to prioritize the evolving needs of the people of Davao City. Through Northtown Center and future projects, Alsons Dev remains dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity for Dabawenyos in Mindanao.

Visit Northtown Center and discover Cabantian’s newest lifestyle destination!

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