So am I an Indie Music Publicist Now?

I’ve been a blogger for many years now, and I have grown a lot since after joining my organization, the Davao Bloggers Society. A part of that growth and what truly amazed me was the fact that I woud deal with publicists.

Fast forward to when I grew my main blog, The Pop Blog to having a domain authority score of 19, and being in the list of Feedspot’s Top Music Blogs in the Philippines and Asia, I forget how it is to be not getting emails from several publicists on a daily basis.

I get a lot of emails every day. But to be honest, most of these are online. I’m still not very confident in “befriending” publicists in person / face-to-face whenever I have events in my city. I mean, I greet them and respect them, but I’m too shy to talk to them. However, I deal with them every day online.

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Having to work with publicists online and offline helps in my growth as a blogger. And guess what! I actually want to become one, specifically, a Music Publicist, and either I pretended to be one, or perhaps, I am already one.

So when my band electrOgourmet already took off and released our first single, ‘OFFSET‘ on every streaming platform, I was automatically assigned the marketing task, which is no joke.

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I was confident that I’d be able to do so, so I delegated the tasks to our guitarist, drummer, artist/animator, and myself. But what I was most excited to do was produce an electronic press kit with band photos, videos, bio, and of course, the press release.

Producing and writing what’s inside an electronic press kit wasn’t a difficult task, given that I am a pop culture and entertainment blogger (I review music), and that I receive a lot of music press releases every day. It took me only about a day to finish it, also because I’m doing my own band’s PR kit, and not someone else’s.

After finishing the PR kit, I composed the email template to send to several blogs and media outlets. Yes, I also have several contact information as a blogger myself. For the others, I had to research them.

So in the email to send to the media, I used my personal email and not the band’s, and I pretended that I was the band’s publicist, and not their member. Is that okay to do? And perhaps it’s true. I am my own band’s publicist.

It felt great being a publicist, at least for my band. Finishing the PR kit and sending them out to the media people. Well, to be honest, I only got one reply and one automatic feature, for which I’m very thankful. However, I’m planning to send a follow-up to my email and offer them something in return (which I already did, but maybe they weren’t able to read it).

Well, having my own indie PR company might not be a rough call in the future, but I have yet to learn more about its ins and outs, especially when dealing with the media and influencers. I mean, it’s easy to produce the material, but I’m finding it difficult to make bloggers and journalists feature the artist. Let’s see. – electricmoi

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