Cuties Galore!

GOAL: To go on gimmicks and trippings with any person not close to me from the music scene.

Before anything else, I would like to write about all the people I’m not close with in the scene where I am in. Since it’s a male-dominated scene (I think we are the only the all-girl band in the scene), let me list all my prospects, how I perceive them, and my level of relationship with them. It took a long time for me to choose among them, that’s why I want to show you my level of friendship with them.

target #1: Paloi – he’s a great guy, we’re very good friends, we text each other sometimes, but we only show the first and second layer of our onions, and they’re not complete.

target #2: Migz – We were introduced many times already since the other year, we just didn’t take time to really notice until last December when he complimented me after we played at this gig. I kinda’ developed a crush on him before but it faded so quickly.hehehe

target #3: Jade – My latest crush! Like Migz, we were introduced many times since the other year. It was last week when that same friend who introduced us before introduced us again. During the last introduction, before I could say hi to him to indicate “nice to meet you”, I told my friend that we were already introduced many times. He supported me bay saying to my friend “bitaw”. Anyway, during that time, I still didn’t have a crush on him.

Obviously, If I choose among these 3 prospects, Paloi would be perfect para “wala’y libog”. I mean, I am comfortable with him even though we only say “hi” or perform a particular handshake upon seeing each other, but I think there would be no challenge in him, so in the end, I decided that I choose between Jade and Migz. I chose Jade in the end because he’s the one I really like at the moment, he’s doesn’t have the “rakstarr” attitude, and he’s not-so-known unlike Migz. Migz is actually sort-of a heartthrob. Oh, but during this time, I was open to changes of my prospect. I told myself that it would depend on the situation that Friday night.

That Friday and Saturday, there was a gig, and I know these 3 would be present, so I went to the Friday gig even though we we’re assigned to the Saturday line-up. Actually, I know that they’ll also be present during the Saturday, but as you said, it would be better that we see the person more often.

When I saw Paloi, well, there wasn’t akwardness because as I said, we were comfortable in talking and saying “hi” to one another even though we’re not close. When I saw Migz, I felt shy, but it was nice for him to say “hi” to me first. Ok, so I saw Jade. We just smiled to each other.hehehe I’m really shy. Well, that Friday was a bit of a waste because I wasn’t able to start my assignment. My mom fetched me so early. Grrr! She told me that it would still be on the next day when we will play, and that I needed rest.

After that, I reflected about this assignment. If Jade was really the one I wanted for the target. Well, of course, he was! I have a crush on him eh, but…I knew I can’t do it so I decided that I would settle on Paloi.

During Night 2 (Saturday), I informed Paloi right away about this assignment. Well, at first, he didn’t understand, but good thing he cooperated in the end. I wasn’t able to apply all my strategies to Paloi because we are already good friends although we’re not that close. Anyway, my goal is just to go on gimmicks or any trippings with him. I even told him that he wasn’t really the one who I really wanted to approach.hehehe

Anyway, the assignment worked with Paloi. In the 2nd week of February, an indie event organizer asked 10 bands from Davao including my band, Paloi’s and even Jade’s and Migz’s to play in Panabo. Paloi and I, together with our bandmates agreed that we would go there together. So, mission accomplished!- but I’m still hoping I can apply the strategies I wrote through Jade. Maybe do it on the Panabo gig! Hehehe If I have time, I’ll share it with you-if ever I do it.Ü

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