Lain-lain Ako’ng Gidapig

I have many friends. You may think that I am the only one who has a lot of friends, but if you only see them all, you would really wonder. I have uncountable friends. Well I have a big barkada when I was in high school, and some of them were my friends since grade school, then I have my friends in YFC, then my kababatas, then my friends in the different band scenes, and of course, my UP friends.

Obviously, one of the reasons why I have all these friends is that I am approachable. In our CLE subject in high school, we always have this activity where we pass around this paper with our name in it and let each of our classmates write anything about us. Most of them always write: friendly or approachable.

Being friendly and approachable makes me be close to any new friend I meet. I love being with my friends. I like going out with them, and talking with them on the phone or texting with them for several hours. They love being with me. At the end of the day, they never fail to thank me for spending the day with them.

There are times when my being a good listener is taken advantage. Yes, I enjoy all the things they share to me like their feelings for their boyfriends etc., but sometimes I get bored because they tell me the same things all over again and they tend to overreact over the things. One thing that bugs me most is that they don’t give me the chance to talk. It’s always them who get to share. That is very unfair on my part, so I talk to them about it and it’s a good thing that they listen to me and they learn, although at times slip and do the same things all over again.

This is where I got the notion that I am approachable and a good listener. I think my friends are not wrong. My friends love me for that and that makes me feel really good.

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