My ultimate barkada – we call ourselves IGAT.. hmm.. hehe… This barkada was formed in first year high school and revolved. We added more friends during our next 3 years in high school and until now, we are still very active even though we alreay attend different universities and colleges.

We have this particular language that we know what is going on with the life of one of our barkadas. Well, before that, I wanna share that in our barkada, we have several personalities. There are 2 obits (lesbian), 2 straight boys, 6 straight girls, and 2 not-so-straight boys (in denial stage pa siguro) hahaha…. 4 of our barkada are more particular with their love lives, and even their sex lives, and we all know that. Everytime we bond, it is almost the topic..hehe

We know that something is going on with a barkada even though he/she didn’t say it yet. During our 4+ years of bond, we can really tell, and we also have several expressions that we only do. These expressions are really just common like the looks of our eyes, and the raising of our eyebrows, but there is really something that we only understand.

There are times when people outside our barkada gets left out because he/she doesn’t understand what we mean. That was resolved because a girlfriend of one of our barkadas was a bit disappointed because she couldn’t understand what our actions mean. She thought we were backbiting her, so our barkada asked us to show her that she was ok as a girlfriend of our barkada for us by also sharing to her what those eyes mean, or we don’t want to share it to her, we would just not talk about those secrets by ourselves.

In having such exclusive languages, there should be responsibilty among the members who share such languages. We should not use those languages if there’s someone outside our barkada. We did very good at it. The girlfriend eventually understood our barkada as we open up more of ourselves to her. She became a part of our barkada.Ü

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