How We are Persuaded

There are two ways of which we people are persuaded by advertisements: the peripheral and central route. I’m gonna explain these two ways by applying the advertisements for some of the senatorial candidades.

In Miguel Zubiri’s senatorial campaign, Wowowee’s “Boom Tarat2x” is used as its jingle. As we all know, “Boom Tarat2x” is very popular. I even saw in the news the interviewing of the makers of Zubiri’s campaign, they said that they chose “Boom Tarat2x” because it is a popular song and people can relate to it. In Zubiri’s campaign, the peripheral route is used to persuade people. Another campaign which uses the peripheral route is Mike Defensor’s. Boy Abunda is considered one of the favorite and influential personalities in our country. As Boy Abunda talked about Mike Defensor, one person would have positive feelings toward Defensor because it was Boy Abunda, a very smart and trusted personality, who campaigned for Defensor.

Peripheral route to persuasion takes place when music, images, personalities, or languages are used in presenting a candidate, a brand, a show, etc. In this route, the person is driven to have make decision right away without really thinking about it. The person is influenced and can easily create a positive outlook upon a brand, candidate, event, etc because of the presentation of the ad.

In Ralph Recto’s campaign ad, he did a little speech about politics and in choosing who to go for. He also mentioned a little bit about his parents’ teachings. In this ad, I think we people are more persuaded to think about Ralph Recto as a candidate. Ralph Recto’s campaign uses the Central route to persuasion.

In the Central route to persuasion, people are driven to pay attention, think and examine the candidate, product, or show carefully. We people are able to decide, and those decisions may change because we think constantly if the candidate, product, etc will be good for us.

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