May 1st, 2008

May 1st, 2008

I have pretty much fascinated myself with the media again, specifically, youtube. I have been checking out movie trailers. I won’t really call myself a movie critic since I think, I have never watched all types of films. Imagine counting those film genres of what they’re all about. With different issues and different varieties in acting, production, or the mere story lines. I tried to be a critic. I still don’t know how. The only thing I know is that to be a movie critic, one should watch all types of films, now matter how horribly putrid or fatal they are. AS for me, I can bare those types of films you call extremely shallow. I could even love them and that won’t mean I am shallow myself.


MANIC – joseph gordon-levitt – directed by: jordan melamed

I have been seriously addicted to Joseph Gordon-Levitt again. I believe he’s one of the versatile actors in this planet. Since 3rd Rock from the sun, he has been all the rage in my life as a kid until he stopped acting in 2002 and concentrated in his studies. Manic is his first film after 2 years of studying at the Columbia University. It’s a pure independent film that’s really obvious even to people who rarely watch indie films. It’s super low-budgeted, it doesn’t even have a trailer exposed on youtube unlike other independent films. It’s digital-based, with a quite low video quality. It’s about this guy who was sent to a mental institution after several eruptions. He deals with other teenagers who have problems. The film emphasized a lot of social issues of these teenagers.

MYSTERIOUS SKIN – joseph gordon-levitt – director: gregg araki

Another Joseph Gordon-Levitt acting masterpiece. In this film, he won 2 awards for best actor. The film was actually taken from the novel by Scott Heim of the same title. It’s about 2 boys who were both molested by their baseball coach. The other boy is in love with the coach and turned out to be a hustler- an effect of the rape, and the other boy, after being molested, got amnesia and spent 8 years just figuring out what really happened to him-he thought he was abducted by aliens.

BONA -nora aunor- -philip salvador- director: lino brocka

I have been in search of this film for quite a while now, but sadly, I can’t find it until I found out that the Philippines has no copy of it. Fuck. This film directed by the genius Lino Brocka is the only Pinoy film who got in in the “The Best 100 Films in the World”, cited by the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.
It’s about this girl who is a fan of a not-so-popular actor. She serves the actor and even left her family for him.

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