The year that was

How do I start this? Among my many problems, blogging has been the most problematic one. There were times when I am dry and is not able to write and compose new songs (i.e. for planeta and most of the time for myself and if i get my wish for a future band I get to lead. Anyway, that is another story I have yet to blog), but when I sit and do it, I do it! Blogging hasn’t been my hobby since the day I fell inlove with “The Biktor”.

In one of my past blogs, I have mentioned that I will review one of my most favorite cult films if I get to use up even just 10% of my brain. Well, I think I got to clean up the cobwebs since I had such good grades during the 1st semester of my 3rd yr stay the UP. The problem was, all the projects that were required and even the sleepless nights swallowed my brain. After the semester ended, I thought that I was already free and I could just sleep the way on to a 10-percent brain utility, but whakk!! It didn’t happen.

One of my college goals is to attend the annual Guerilla filmmaking workshop. This year, I was lucky to have been able to acquire money from my beloved rents and join the workshop. I thought that it will be fun! fun! fun! but heck, it was more like tedious! fun! tedious! Nevertheless, I learned a lot from the workshop and dealt with real, experienced filmmakers and even celebrities! Yeah, celebrities!

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